Christine Lee, PhD

Personal Statement

The transition to adulthood is the developmental period when alcohol use, marijuana use, and their associated consequences reach their lifetime peak. My scholarly interests focus on the etiology and prevention of substance use behaviors and consequences during adolescence and young/early adulthood. I have developed a highly successful portfolio of work bridging developmental, social, and motivational theory with applied prevention and intervention techniques to strategically address high-risk behaviors during the transition to adulthood.

My research addresses important questions regarding how recent marijuana legislation in Washington State impacts young adult marijuana use and consequences; what motivates young adults to engage in alcohol and marijuana use; how alcohol expectancies, alcohol use and consequences are linked in a natural feed-forward process that maintains high-risk behaviors; how developmental transitions and event timing influence use; and what are efficacious prevention and intervention strategies and for whom and under what conditions are these most effective. 

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

A Marijuana Consequences Checklist for Young Adults with Implications for Brief Motivational Intervention Research.
(2020 Oct 24)
Prev Sci
Lee CM, Kilmer JR, Neighbors C, Cadigan JM, Fairlie AM, Patrick ME, Logan DE, Walter T, White HR

Local targeting of NAD+ salvage pathway alters the immune tumor microenvironment and enhances checkpoint immunotherapy in glioblastoma.
(2020 Sep 30)
Cancer Res
Li M, Kirtane AR, Kiyokawa J, Nagashima H, Lopes A, Tirmizi ZA, Lee CK, Traverso G, Cahill DP, Wakimoto H

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsies: Basic and New Techniques.
(2020 Sep 30)
J Ultrasound Med
Bhatt AA, Whaley DH, Lee CU

Wisconsin Card Sorting Task-64 performance among HIV+ Black/African American and Latinx adults compared to normative samples and by sociocultural and health variables.
(2020 Sep 27)
Appl Neuropsychol Adult
Cruz LN, Weinberger AH, Shuter J, Lee CJ

Cost-effectiveness analysis of a fecal microbiota transplant center for treating recurrent C.difficile infection.
(2020 Sep 24)
J Infect
Shaffer SR, Witt J, Targownik LE, Kao D, Lee C, Smieliauskas F, Rubin DT, Singh H, Bernstein CN

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