Christine Lee, PhD

Personal Statement

The transition to adulthood is the developmental period when alcohol use, marijuana use, and their associated consequences reach their lifetime peak. My scholarly interests focus on the etiology and prevention of substance use behaviors and consequences during adolescence and young/early adulthood. I have developed a highly successful portfolio of work bridging developmental, social, and motivational theory with applied prevention and intervention techniques to strategically address high-risk behaviors during the transition to adulthood.

My research addresses important questions regarding how recent marijuana legislation in Washington State impacts young adult marijuana use and consequences; what motivates young adults to engage in alcohol and marijuana use; how alcohol expectancies, alcohol use and consequences are linked in a natural feed-forward process that maintains high-risk behaviors; how developmental transitions and event timing influence use; and what are efficacious prevention and intervention strategies and for whom and under what conditions are these most effective. 

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

A sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) protocol for empirically developing an adaptive preventive intervention for college student drinking reduction.
(2020 Jul 25)
Contemp Clin Trials 96(): 106089
Patrick ME, Boatman JA, Morrell N, Wagner AC, Lyden GR, Nahum-Shani I, King CA, Bonar EE, Lee CM, Larimer ME, Vock DM, Almirall D

Sirtuin activation targets IDH-mutant tumors.
(2020 Jul 26)
Neuro Oncol
Miller JJ, Fink A, Banagis JA, Nagashima H, Subramanian M, Lee CK, Melamed L, Tummala SS, Tateishi K, Wakimoto H, Cahill DP

Progressive B Cell Loss in Revertant X-SCID.
(2020 Jul 17)
J Clin Immunol
Lin CH, Kuehn HS, Thauland TJ, Lee CM, De Ravin SS, Malech HL, Keyes TJ, Jager A, Davis KL, Garcia-Lloret MI, Rosenzweig SD, Butte MJ

Subgroups of Childhood ADHD Based on Temperament Traits and Cognition: Concurrent and Predictive Validity.
(2020 Jul 14)
J Abnorm Child Psychol
Goh PK, Lee CA, Martel MM, Karalunas SL, Nigg JT

Intrapersonal and interpersonal pathways linking 21st birthday celebration beliefs, intentions, and drinking behavior.
(2020 Nov)
Addict Behav 110(): 106526
Fillo J, Rodriguez LM, Neighbors C, Lee CM

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