Christine Lee, PhD

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The transition to adulthood is the developmental period when alcohol use, marijuana use, and their associated consequences reach their lifetime peak. My scholarly interests focus on the etiology and prevention of substance use behaviors and consequences during adolescence and young/early adulthood. I have developed a highly successful portfolio of work bridging developmental, social, and motivational theory with applied prevention and intervention techniques to strategically address high-risk behaviors during the transition to adulthood. My research addresses important questions regarding how recent marijuana legislation in Washington State impacts young adult marijuana use and consequences; what motivates young adults to engage in alcohol and marijuana use; how alcohol expectancies, alcohol use and consequences are linked in a natural feed-forward process that maintains high-risk behaviors; how developmental transitions and event timing influence use; and what are efficacious prevention and intervention strategies and for whom and under what conditions are these most effective.

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Recent Publications

Measurement of procoagulant platelets provides mechanistic insight and diagnostic potential in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.
(2022 Jan 17)
J Thromb Haemost
Lee CSM, Selvadurai MV, Pasalic L, Yeung J, Konda M, Kershaw GW, Favaloro EJ, Chen VM

Comparison of ETDRS 7-Field to 4-Widefield Digital Imaging in the Evaluation of Diabetic Retinopathy Severity.
(2022 Jan 3)
Transl Vis Sci Technol 11(1): 13
Blodi BA, Domalpally A, Tjaden AH, Barrett N, Chew EY, Knowler WC, Lee CG, Pi-Sunyer X, Wallia A, White NH, Temprosa M

Early Local Therapy for the Primary Site in De Novo Stage IV Breast Cancer: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial (EA2108).
(2022 Jan 7)
J Clin Oncol
Khan SA, Zhao F, Goldstein LJ, Cella D, Basik M, Golshan M, Julian TB, Pockaj BA, Lee CA, Razaq W, Sparano JA, Babiera GV, Dy IA, Jain S, Silverman P, Fisher CS, Tevaarwerk AJ, Wagner LI, Sledge GW

Decline in Thermal Habitat Conditions for the Endangered Delta Smelt as Seen from Landsat Satellites (1985-2019).
(2022 Jan 4)
Environ Sci Technol 56(1): 185-193
Halverson GH, Lee CM, Hestir EL, Hulley GC, Cawse-Nicholson K, Hook SJ, Bergamaschi BA, Acuña S, Tufillaro NB, Radocinski RG, Rivera G, Sommer TR

Thirty years of BASICS: Dissemination and implementation progress and challenges.
(2021 Dec 16)
Psychol Addict Behav
Larimer ME, Kilmer JR, Cronce JM, Hultgren BA, Gilson MS, Lee CM

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