Mary Larimer, PhD

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I have been a member of the department faculty since 1995. My research and clinical interests include 1) prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems among adolescents and young adults (with a particular focus on college drinking prevention), 2) prediction of initiation of drinking and trajectories of alcohol and substance use during emerging adulthood, 3) co-morbidity of substance use with depression, suicide, trauma, PTSD, disordered eating, and gambling problems, 4) evaluation of housing and treatment programs for chronically homeless and incarcerated individuals and 5) dissemination of evidence-based prevention and treatment approaches into clinical, school, and work-site settings. I have published more than 100 articles and book chapters on these topics.​


Univ. of Washington, Psychology Medical education, 1992
UW - Neuropsychology & Geriatrics Teaching Appointment
UW - Addictive Behaviors Research Center Fellowship, Addictive Behaviors Research
Brown University Internship, Clinical Psychology

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Young Adults Underestimate How Well Peers Adhere to COVID-19 Preventive Behavioral Guidelines.
(2021 Jun)
J Prim Prev 42(3): 309-318
Graupensperger S, Lee CM, Larimer ME

An International Comparison of a Web-Based Personalized Feedback Intervention for Alcohol use During the Transition out of High School in the United States and Sweden.
(2021 Jul)
Prev Sci 22(5): 670-682
Larimer ME, Witkiewitz K, Schwebel FJ, Lee CM, Lewis MA, Kilmer JR, Andersson C, Johnsson K, Dillworth T, Fossos-Wong N, Pace T, Grazioli VS, Berglund M

Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants as a "Red Flag" for Other Substance Use.
Subst Use Misuse 56(7): 941-949
Kilmer JR, Fossos-Wong N, Geisner IM, Yeh JC, Larimer ME, Cimini MD, Vincent KB, Allen HK, Barrall AL, Arria AM

Do Brief Alcohol Interventions Reduce Driving After Drinking Among College Students? A Two-step Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data.
(2021 Feb 16)
Alcohol Alcohol
Mun EY, Li X, Lineberry S, Tan Z, Huh D, Walters ST, Zhou Z, Larimer ME, in Collaboration with Project INTEGRATE Team.

A Systematic Review of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) in Alcohol Research.
(2021 Feb 16)
Alcohol Alcohol
Canning JR, Schallert MR, Larimer ME

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