Mary Larimer, PhD

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I have been a member of the department faculty since 1995. My research and clinical interests include 1) prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems among adolescents and young adults (with a particular focus on college drinking prevention), 2) prediction of initiation of drinking and trajectories of alcohol and substance use during emerging adulthood, 3) co-morbidity of substance use with depression, suicide, trauma, PTSD, disordered eating, and gambling problems, 4) evaluation of housing and treatment programs for chronically homeless and incarcerated individuals and 5) dissemination of evidence-based prevention and treatment approaches into clinical, school, and work-site settings. I have published more than 100 articles and book chapters on these topics.‚Äč


Univ. of Washington, Psychology Medical education, 1992
UW - Neuropsychology & Geriatrics Teaching Appointment
UW - Addictive Behaviors Research Center Fellowship, Addictive Behaviors Research
Brown University Internship, Clinical Psychology

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

General and Domain-Specific Perceived Risk Demonstrate Unique Associations with Cannabis Use, Negative Outcomes, and Motivation to Change among Undergraduate Students.
Cannabis 6(4): 49-66
Smith-LeCavalier KN, Morris PM, Larimer ME, Buckner JD, Walukevich-Dienst K

Young Adult Alcohol and Cannabis Impaired Driving After the Opening of Cannabis Retail Stores in Washington State.
(2024 Apr 25)
Prev Sci
Hultgren BA, Calhoun BH, Fleming CB, Lyons VH, Rhew IC, Larimer ME, Kilmer JR, Guttmannova K

Longitudinal examination of alcohol use motives, item-level protective behavioral strategies, and alcohol-related consequences.
(2024 Apr)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Hoboken) 48(4): 715-728
Schultz NR, Smith-LeCavalier KN, Walukevich-Dienst K, Prince MA, Larimer ME

Supervisor Undermining, Social Isolation and Subordinates' Problematic Drinking: The Role of Depression and Perceived Drinking Norms.
(2023 Jan)
J Drug Issues 53(1): 37-60
Montal-Rosenberg R, Bamberger PA, Nahum-Shani I, Wang M, Larimer M, Bacharach SB

Cross-Substance Associations With Transitions in Cannabis and Nicotine Use in a Statewide Sample of Young Adults in Washington State.
(2024 Mar)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 85(2): 272-282
Fleming CB, Delawalla MLM, Rhew IC, Kilmer JR, Larimer M, Guttmannova K

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