Katherine Walukevich-Dienst, PhD

Dr. Walukevich-Dienst (hear my name) is a licensed clinical psychologist and Acting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington.

Her research is focused on identifying psychosocial and contextual factors associated with alcohol and cannabis misuse and co-use among young adults, including social influences, affect management motives, co-occurring mental health concerns, and high-risk substance use events and contexts.

Dr. Walukevich-Dienst aims to leverage this information to develop and test innovative, technology-informed prevention and intervention efforts to  disseminate in “real world” settings.

She also provides psychotherapy to patients at the University of Washington’s Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic and provides supervision and training to psychology graduate students and psychiatry residents in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.



University of Washington, NIAAA F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship (2021-2023)
University of Washington, Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Internship (2020-2021)
Louisiana State University, PhD in Clinical Psychology (2016-2021)
Syracuse University, BA in Psychology and Public Relations (2010-2014)

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Predictors of morning cannabis use among young adults: Between- and within-person associations from 24 consecutive months of data.
(2024 Feb)
Addict Behav 149(): 107908
Walukevich-Dienst K, Calhoun BH, Graupensperger S, Patrick ME, Lee CM

A Longitudinal Analysis of Monthly Changes in Substance Use in Relation to Negative Consequences From Alcohol and Cannabis Use in a Community Sample of Young Adults.
(2023 Nov)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 84(6): 913-920
Fleming CB, Walukevich-Dienst K, Calhoun BH, Lee CM

The daily association between affect and alcohol use: A meta-analysis of individual participant data.
(2023 Jan-Feb)
Psychol Bull 149(1-2): 1-24
Dora J, Piccirillo M, Foster KT, Arbeau K, Armeli S, Auriacombe M, Bartholow B, Beltz AM, Blumenstock SM, Bold K, Bonar EE, Braitman A, Carpenter RW, Creswell KG, De Hart T, Dvorak RD, Emery N, Enkema M, Fairbairn C, Fairlie AM, Ferguson SG, Freire T, Goodman F, Gottfredson N, Halvorson M, Haroon M, Howard AL, Hussong A, Jackson KM, Jenzer T, Kelly DP, Kuczynski AM, Kuerbis A, Lee CM, Lewis M, Linden-Carmichael AN, Littlefield A, Lydon-Staley DM, Merrill JE, Miranda R Jr, Mohr C, Read JP, Richardson C, O'Connor R, O'Malley SS, Papp L, Piasecki TM, Sacco P, Scaglione N, Serre F, Shadur J, Sher KJ, Shoda Y, Simpson TL, Smith MR, Stevens A, Stevenson B, Tennen H, Todd M, Treloar Padovano H, Trull T, Waddell J, Walukevich-Dienst K, Witkiewitz K, Wray T, Wright AGC, Wycoff AM, King KM

The Protective Role of Perceived Control on Associations Between Job Loss, Financial Difficulties, and Substance Use Among Young Adults Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(2023 Aug)
Prev Sci 24(6): 1239-1248
Graupensperger S, Walukevich-Dienst K, Patrick ME, Lee CM

Increased coping motives during the COVID-19 pandemic widen cannabis disparities between sexual minoritized and nonminoritized young adults: A bimonthly assessment of data preceding and spanning the pandemic.
(2023 Aug)
Psychol Addict Behav 37(5): 670-680
McCabe CJ, Rhew IC, Walukevich-Dienst K, Graupensperger S, Lee CM

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