Thank you, Supportive Conversations volunteers!

Department news | November 29, 2022

In the early weeks of the COVID 19 pandemic, we were asked to start a volunteer-driven Supportive Conversations program led by Mollie Forrester, MSW, LICSW, to bolster the mental health of our UW Medicine colleagues. Within a matter of days, over 80 faculty and staff signed up to volunteer their time and clinical expertise. None […]

Want to break out of the blues? Try something new

Right as Rain | January 10, 2022

New experiences are good for our emotional health, and trying new things gives us a hit of dopamine and makes us feel rewarded. Clinical psychology resident Juan Pablo Zapata is challenging himself and his patients to break out of the pandemic blues by trying something new.

UW researchers say a vaccine for addiction is possible

KING 5 | January 7, 2022

What if there was a vaccine that prevented addiction, just like the flu? Researchers at the UW are exploring that possibility. Marco Pravetoni, PhD, is interviewed about his new Center for Medication Development for Substance Use Disorders.

Why are people in Seattle so anxious?

Right as Rain | January 5, 2022

A survey found that Seattle is the most anxious major metro city in the U.S. Reasons include gloomy winters, high rents and high caffeine intake. Ramanpreet Toor, MD and Sarah Campbell, PhD offer some advice on how to cope.

Opinion: Health care workers suffer from more than burnout

Stat News | December 16, 2021

"Too many health care workers are suffering from burnout and beyond, yet they’re less likely to receive psychiatric care due to barriers like difficulty accessing care, stigma, and 'heroic' health care worker myths. This mental health burden is compounding health care labor shortages and threatening quality of care," write Rebecca Hendrickson, MD, PhD, Katherine Hoerster, PhD, and Thanh Neville (UCLA Health).