Montana State researchers help advance sleep-aid device as part of $4.3 million project

MSU News Service | December 1, 2021

Soon, someone feeling the need for some extra Z’s may benefit from a wearable device that aids the brain in the biochemical cleansing that leaves a person feeling refreshed after a full night of sleep. The project comes in the wake of recent discoveries about the importance of the glymphatic system as explained in a popular TED Talk by project co-leader Jeffrey Iliff, PhD.

Final report: Stay Connected — developing an intervention to promote mental health among isolated senior housing residents

Department News | December 1, 2021

In April 2021, we announced the recipients of our 2020 Small Grants Program aimed at advancing the clinical, educational, research, and/or advocacy missions of our department. We were able to allocate nearly $100,000 to a terrific set of diverse, one-year proposals from faculty, staff and trainees on a wide range of topics. This is the […]

Final report: Harm reduction in the context of social distancing

Department news | November 30, 2021

Christine Lee, PhD, and Jennifer Cadigan, PhD, submitted their final report for the “Harm Reduction in the Context of Social Distancing: A Time-Sensitive COVID-19-related Personalized Normative Feedback Program Addressing High-risk Alcohol Use and Encouraging Engagement in Adaptive Coping and Social Behaviors” project.

New fellowship advances implementation science in education

Department news | November 30, 2021

The University of Washington Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education (RIISE) directed by Aaron Lyon, PhD, is a methods training program developing the implementation research workforce in education and improving education outcomes. The program is the first of its kind and reflects a collaborative, innovative effort to develop the implementation research workforce in education and improve educational and related outcomes.