Cultural adaptation of WHO’s Caregiver Skills Training program for Mongolian parents of autistic children

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In Mongolia, there are virtually no services or professionals who can provide any related services for autistic children and their families. In response to these disparities of autism care in many countries, the WHO developed the Caregiver Skills Training (CST), which is a training program that teaches basic behavior management skills that are often needed for caregivers of autistic children. Although CST can be widely disseminated among Mongolian families, it has not been translated or adapted to fit the needs of Mongolian caregivers due to logistical difficulties and costs. This project aims to: (a) conduct rigorous cultural adaptation and translation of the CST materials, and (b) demonstrate community-academic partnership and a model for global collaboration in autism intervention research

Project Period:
January 3, 2023 February 1, 2024

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UW Office of Global Affairs

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Community-Based Organizations

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Adults, Caregivers/Providers, Children

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Autism Spectrum Disorder