Kevin Coffey, PhD

I use carefully designed rat and mouse behavioral models to investigate disorders of the nervous system, particularly stress and substance use disorders. To explore the neural underpinnings of these disorders, I utilize a deep toolkit of behavioral neuroscience and molecular biology techniques, including fiber-photometry, optogenetics, designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs (DREADDs), ribosome affinity purification (RiboTag), and RNA-Seq.

I have recently received a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, as well as a P30 Pilot Award through the University of Washington NAPE Center. My work on the K99 and P30 will integrate in-vivo optical neuroscience techniques (photometry, optogenetics, endoscopy) with a rat model of oral fentanyl self-administration. We plan to record and manipulate Lateral Habenula projections to monoaminergic midbrain nuclei, with the goal of reducing the negative emotional impact of opioid withdrawal and reducing the propensity to relapse.

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Recent Publications

Assessing impact of agroecological interventions in Niger through remotely sensed changes in vegetation.
(2023 Jan 7)
Sci Rep 13(1): 360
Mishra V, Limaye AS, Doehnert F, Policastro R, Hassan D, Ndiaye MTY, Abel NV, Johnson K, Grange J, Coffey K, Rashid A

A cAMP-Related Gene Network in Microglia Is Inversely Regulated by Morphine Tolerance and Withdrawal.
(2022 Apr)
Biol Psychiatry Glob Open Sci 2(2): 180-189
Coffey KR, Lesiak AJ, Marx RG, Vo EK, Garden GA, Neumaier JF

Lateral preoptic area neurons signal cocaine self-administration behaviors.
(2021 Oct)
Eur J Neurosci 54(7): 6397-6405
Coffey KR, Venkat V, West MO, Barker DJ

Stress induces divergent gene expression among lateral habenula efferent pathways.
(2020 Nov)
Neurobiol Stress 13(): 100268
Levinstein MR, Coffey KR, Marx RG, Lesiak AJ, Neumaier JF

Sequencing the serotonergic neuron translatome reveals a new role for Fkbp5 in stress.
(2021 Sep)
Mol Psychiatry 26(9): 4742-4753
Lesiak AJ, Coffey K, Cohen JH, Liang KJ, Chavkin C, Neumaier JF

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