Jeff Iliff, PhD

Personal Statement

I focus on neurodegeneration and traumatic brain injury research at the VA Puget Sound and at the UW Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

My work has probed the ‘glymphatic’ system, a brain-wide network of perivascular spaces that facilitates the clearance of waste products, including amyloid beta and tau, from the brain interstitium during sleep. Previously at OHSU, my group demonstrated that the glymphatic system fails in the aging brain and in the young brain after traumatic brain injury. The studies suggest that impairment of glymphatic function may be one factor that renders the aging brain vulnerable to protein aggregation and neurodegeneration and may link brain trauma early in life with the development of dementia in the decades that follow. My ongoing work seeks to define the molecular and cellular underpinnings of impaired glymphatic function in the aging and post-traumatic brain, and to use novel MRI-based imaging approaches to extend these findings into clinical Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic populations.

As the leader of the ADRC’s new Research Education Component, I oversee the effort to train and develop a community of clinical, basic and translational Alzheimer’s disease researchers with the necessary clinical, scientific and technical competence to effectively collaborate to define the mechanistic and biological underpinnings of Alzheimer’s and related dementia, and to translate this understanding to improve the lives of those living with memory loss and dementia.

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Recent Publications

Interrogation of dynamic glucose-enhanced MRI and fluorescence-based imaging reveals a perturbed glymphatic network in Huntington's disease.
(2023 Apr 3)
Liu H, Chen L, Zhang C, Liu C, Li Y, Cheng L, Wei Z, Zhang Z, Lu H, van Zijl PCM, Iliff JJ, Xu J, Duan W

The effect of aquaporin-4 mis-localization on Aβ deposition in mice.
(2023 Jun 1)
Neurobiol Dis 181(): 106100
Pedersen TJ, Keil SA, Han W, Wang MX, Iliff JJ

Quantification approaches for magnetic resonance imaging following intravenous gadolinium injection: A window into brain-wide glymphatic function.
(2023 May)
Eur J Neurosci 57(10): 1689-1704
Richmond SB, Rane S, Hanson MR, Albayram M, Iliff JJ, Kernagis D, Rosenberg JT, Seidler RD

Mapping the lymphatic system across body scales and expertise domains: A report from the 2021 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute workshop at the Boston Lymphatic Symposium.
Front Physiol 14(): 1099403
Singhal D, Börner K, Chaikof EL, Detmar M, Hollmén M, Iliff JJ, Itkin M, Makinen T, Oliver G, Padera TP, Quardokus EM, Radtke AJ, Suami H, Weber GM, Rovira II, Muratoglu SC, Galis ZS

Reader Response: Association of Sleep, Neuropsychological Performance, and Gray Matter Volume With Glymphatic Function in Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
(2023 Feb 14)
Neurology 100(7): 355-356
Piantino JA, Iliff JJ, Lim MM, Levendovszky SR

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