Jeff Iliff, PhD

Personal Statement

I focus on neurodegeneration and traumatic brain injury research at the VA Puget Sound and at the UW Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

My work has probed the ‘glymphatic’ system, a brain-wide network of perivascular spaces that facilitates the clearance of waste products, including amyloid beta and tau, from the brain interstitium during sleep. Previously at OHSU, my group demonstrated that the glymphatic system fails in the aging brain and in the young brain after traumatic brain injury. The studies suggest that impairment of glymphatic function may be one factor that renders the aging brain vulnerable to protein aggregation and neurodegeneration and may link brain trauma early in life with the development of dementia in the decades that follow. My ongoing work seeks to define the molecular and cellular underpinnings of impaired glymphatic function in the aging and post-traumatic brain, and to use novel MRI-based imaging approaches to extend these findings into clinical Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic populations.

As the leader of the ADRC’s new Research Education Component, I oversee the effort to train and develop a community of clinical, basic and translational Alzheimer’s disease researchers with the necessary clinical, scientific and technical competence to effectively collaborate to define the mechanistic and biological underpinnings of Alzheimer’s and related dementia, and to translate this understanding to improve the lives of those living with memory loss and dementia.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Role of endothelium-pericyte signaling in capillary blood flow response to neuronal activity.
(2021 Apr 14)
J Cereb Blood Flow Metab
Zhang W, Davis CM, Zeppenfeld DM, Golgotiu K, Wang MX, Haveliwala M, Hong D, Li Y, Wang RK, Iliff JJ, Alkayed NJ

Link between Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Poor Sleep, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Visible Perivascular Spaces in Veterans.
(2021 Apr 20)
J Neurotrauma
Piantino J, Schwartz DL, Luther M, Newgard C, Silbert L, Raskind M, Pagulayan K, Kleinhans N, Iliff J, Peskind E

Varying perivascular astroglial endfoot dimensions along the vascular tree maintain perivascular-interstitial flux through the cortical mantle.
(2021 Mar)
Glia 69(3): 715-728
Wang MX, Ray L, Tanaka KF, Iliff JJ, Heys J

Transcriptional signatures in histologic structures within glioblastoma tumors may predict personalized drug sensitivity and survival.
(2020 Jan-Dec)
Neurooncol Adv 2(1): vdaa093
Kersch CN, Claunch CJ, Ambady P, Bucher E, Schwartz DL, Barajas RF Jr, Iliff JJ, Risom T, Heiser L, Muldoon LL, Korkola JE, Gray JW, Neuwelt EA

The impact of neurovascular, blood-brain barrier, and glymphatic dysfunction in neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases.
Int Rev Neurobiol 154(): 413-436
Braun M, Iliff JJ

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