Deidre Jansson, MSc, PhD

Deidre completed her MSc at the University of Ottawa where she studied molecular mechanisms of insulin and calcium signaling in pancreatic beta cells. She completed her PhD in Molecular Neuropharmacology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where she investigated the role of inflammation and signaling pathway important in human brain pericyte biology. Ongoing projects have branched out to include the use of novel MRI techniques for blood-brain barrier imaging in humans, inflammatory bio marker analysis, as well as ongoing molecular work in human primary cells to identify drug targets for neurodegenerative diseases. New projects in the Iliff lab will surround the role of the choroid plexus in glymphatic clearance, and how this may impact/or be impacted by age-related neurodegeneration.

Recent Publications

The amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-linked protein TDP-43 regulates interleukin-6 cytokine production by human brain pericytes.
(2022 Dec)
Mol Cell Neurosci 123(): 103768
Scotter EL, Cao MC, Jansson D, Rustenhoven J, Smyth LCD, Aalderink MC, Siemens A, Fan V, Wu J, Mee EW, Faull RLM, Dragunow M

Dynamic infrared imaging of cerebrospinal fluid tracer influx into the brain.
(2022 Jul)
Neurophotonics 9(3): 031915
Keil SA, Braun M, O'Boyle R, Sevao M, Pedersen T, Agarwal S, Jansson D, Iliff JJ

Characterisation of PDGF-BB:PDGFRβ signalling pathways in human brain pericytes: evidence of disruption in Alzheimer's disease.
(2022 Mar 17)
Commun Biol 5(1): 235
Smyth LCD, Highet B, Jansson D, Wu J, Rustenhoven J, Aalderink M, Tan A, Li S, Johnson R, Coppieters N, Handley R, Narayan P, Singh-Bains MK, Schweder P, Turner C, Mee EW, Heppner P, Correia J, Park TI, Curtis MA, Faull RLM, Dragunow M

Markers of Cerebrovascular Injury, Inflammation, and Plasma Lipids Are Associated with Alzheimer's Disease Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers in Cognitively Normal Persons.
J Alzheimers Dis 86(2): 813-826
Jansson D, Wang M, Thomas RG, Erickson MA, Peskind ER, Li G, Iliff J

Routine culture and study of adult human brain cells from neurosurgical specimens.
(2022 Feb)
Nat Protoc 17(2): 190-221
Park TI, Smyth LCD, Aalderink M, Woolf ZR, Rustenhoven J, Lee K, Jansson D, Smith A, Feng S, Correia J, Heppner P, Schweder P, Mee E, Dragunow M

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