Update: Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center

Department news | January 31, 2022

The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) co-directed by Lydia Chwastiak, MD, MPH, and Christina Clayton, LICSW, CDP, is in its 4th year developing and disseminating Evidence-Based Practices for Psychosis (Area of Focus). It has been challenging during the pandemic, but thanks to many partners, including those in our department, the Center has continued to offer training and technical assistance in dozens of topics as well as intensive implementation projects. There is a critical gap between mental health treatments that are effective in research trials and the care that is delivered to people living with serious mental health issues. MHTTC works with systems, organizations, and mental health providers to strengthen their capacity to deliver effective evidence-based practices.

The Northwest-MHTTC is part of a national network of 13 centers funded by SAMHSA in 2018. It supports the behavioral health workforce by disseminating and implementing evidence-based practices or serious mental health issues. It also has an incredible School Mental Health Supplement led by colleagues at the SMART Center, and evaluation partners at WERT. The Center serves HHS Region 10 but has attendees from all over the country as well as the world. In year three alone the team trained over 19,000 people, held over 262 events, created over 130 products, had over 3,000 people take online courses and had over 23,000 views of recorded trainings. The Center is excited to present at the upcoming (virtual) 2022 Washington Behavioral Health Conference on our experience titled, “Supporting Our Well-Being: Workforce Equity, Training and Resilience.”

The Center’s 3rd year Annual Report Flipbook details how the team provided content targeting Evidence-Based Practices for Psychosis, Intensive Training and Technical Assistance, and Addressing Equity and Health Disparities, including how they supported the work force during the continued pandemic, their work with rural Alaskan providers through a Healthy Healers train-the-trainer program and a Wellness Series for BIPOC School Mental Health Providers.

The Center would love to feature any Faculty and/or Staff in a webinar and/or podcast to share their research, clinical topics or Evidence Based Practice (EBPs) with a large and diverse audience. With 125,000 website visitors and over 20,000 newsletter subscribers, your message can reach a large mental health workforce efficiently. Additional collaborations for activities and projects are also welcomed—we are stronger together! If you would like to collaborate to present your work for the MHTTC, please contact Lydia Chwastiak (lchwast@uw.edu) or Christina Clayton (cclayton@uw.edu).