Update: Center for Behavioral Health and Learning

Department news | September 28, 2023

Our new behavioral health building hasn’t even opened yet and already it has a new name! The former “Behavioral Health Teaching Facility” is now the “Center for Behavioral Health and Learning.” This time, the letters for the building façade have been purchased so we suspect the new name will stick.

The Center for Behavioral Health and Learning is the new, six-story, 150 bed facility on the campus of UWMC-Northwest. It will open in stages, beginning with the Center for Neuromodulation opening in April of 2024 which will provide electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to both outpatients and inpatients. In June 2024, 25 beds will open in the Geropsychiatry Unit followed by 75 beds becoming available in July for individuals requiring civil commitment stays of 90-180 days. Fifty medical/surgical beds capable of caring for patients with behavioral health and medical needs will also come online in July 2024. There will not be any acute, general adult, voluntary or involuntary beds at UWMC-Northwest until 2025 when a 14-bed voluntary unit opens in the renovated space that is currently occupied by the UWMC-Northwest’s Adult Psychiatry Unit.

If you or any of your Psychology/Psychiatry friends are interested in a faculty position at the CBHL, please contact Jonathan Orrala (jorrala@uw.edu) or Ryan Kimmel (rjkimmel@uw.edu).