Staff Scholarship Awards

Department news | February 28, 2023

Congratulations to the recipients of our latest round of Staff Scholarship Awards! Funded by department and philanthropic funds, these awards support professional development of classified and professional staff who work in our department. Awards are given twice per year. Awardees for this round include: 

  • Center for Mental Health, Policy, and the Law, team award, to complete a live professional training program on ‘Stigma in the law and the impact on the forensic mental health evaluation’ offered through Palo Alto University.
  • Angela Dahiya-Singh (ECHO/INCLUDE/Seattle Children’s Autism Center) to attend the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Annual Meeting in Sweden.
  • Linda Nzabamwita (CHAMP Study) to complete courses on project management, strategic planning, team building, and effective communication.
  • Sally Ngo (CoLab) to complete the Google UX Certificate Course.
  • Yesenia Navarro-Aguirre (PERC Center) to complete a course on the fundamentals of Stata: data management, analysis, and graphics.
  • Afomia Assefa (Doorway Project) to complete a class through the Institute for Radical Permission.
  • Alanna Feltner (Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute) to take an online python programming course through Seattle Central College.
  • Sarah Franich (UW Psychiatry/PCAP) to take a continuing education class in Python.
  • Stacy Dimmich (Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute) to take a POD course on Practical Approach to Anti-Racism; What’s the Word: Inclusivity in Language.
  • SPIRIT Lab/Northwest MHTTC, team award, to take a POD course on Exploring Cultural Competence. This course is intended to build skills and provide frameworks to enhance communication between individuals with different cultural backgrounds.
  • Vaughan Collins (SMART Center) to take a series of POD courses toward the completion of Supervisory Skills Certificate.

Thank you to the Staff EDI professional development selection committee (Vaughan Collins, MSW, Winnie Ho, Andie Uomoto, MPA, and Jasmine Zhu) for reviewing the proposals and to the donors who make this program possible. If you are interested in supporting this program, you can contribute to the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Staff Development Fund. The deadline for the next round of funding is August 1, 2023.