Staff EDI Action Plan

Department news | October 31, 2023

The Staff Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee co-directed by Jennifer Magnani, MSW, LICSW, and Christina Clayton, LICSW, SUDP, has created a 2023-24 Action Plan based on the Staff EDI Insight Survey distributed in August 2022. The Committee chose the areas of focus and action steps based on acuity of the issue as well as what members could reasonably achieve over the next year.

In 2023-24, the Committee will work to:

  1. Advocate for and recommend specific training for hiring managers in EDI-informed hiring and separation processes.
  2. Increase staff onboarding opportunities to learn about EDI trainings, supports and ways to connect to EDI work.
  3. Work with department leadership on a clear, accessible way for staff to share ideas, concerns, kudos & feedback globally, including regarding EDI content.
  4. Foster inclusion by creating opportunities to gather in social ways.
  5. Promote/recommend ways that the department, including faculty, express appreciation for and acknowledge the contributions of staff in Department work.