Garvey Institute announces new funding opportunity focused on partnerships

Department news | July 5, 2023

The Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions (GIBHS) has launched a new round of Innovation Grant funding focused on projects that develop and test innovative partnerships that extend the impact of mental health professionals in Washington State.

These one-year grants of up to $100,000 are for the development of innovative, new ideas that have the potential to make a substantial impact on brain health and can be rapidly translated into clinical care and/or improvement. The idea must help advance the Institute’s goals to improve brain health at a population level, and proposals that foster new collaborations across UW schools and departments are strongly encouraged. For this round of funding, proposals addressing any of the following areas will be considered:

  1. Partnering with family members or caregivers to support the mental health care of their loved ones, and/or efforts that support the mental health of family members or caregivers themselves.
  2. Partnering with community-based organizations that offer supported housing to individuals living with mental health and/or addiction problems.
  3. Partnering with law enforcement professionals to improve the care of individuals experiencing a mental health and/or addiction crisis. Projects must focus on services before detainment.
  4. Additional innovative partnerships extending the impact of psychiatry and other mental health professionals in Washington State will be considered.

UW faculty and fellows (if permitted by their school and department and supported by a faculty member) are eligible to apply as Project Leads. Individuals affiliated with organizations outside of the University of Washington may apply with a UW-affiliated researcher as a Project Lead. Full guidelines and a letter of intent (LOI) application form can be found on the GIBHS website. LOIs are due August 31, 2023. Please email if you have any questions, and sign-up for the Garvey Institute newsletter to receive funding announcements and other news. For a list of previous awardees, please visit the GIBHS current projects page.