Expansion of Global Mental Health training opportunities

Department news | March 30, 2023

Under the leadership of Pamela Y. Collins, MD, MPH, Global Mental Health training opportunities have expanded substantially at UW. In 2019, we launched the Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry Pathway for residents with an interest in cross-cultural research and clinical services domestically as well as internationally. Elements of its curriculum—the Cultural Formulation Interview—have now been integrated into the residency didactic program, and these opportunities are growing as the Residency Program Antiracism Committee assists in designing a rich didactic program that incorporates DEI education into residency requirements.

In 2021, the residency program introduced a new Global Mental Health elective for PGY-2s: a 4-week in-depth learning experience with a faculty member from the UW Consortium for Global Mental Health. During the 4-week period, residents explore research and/or implementation projects and engage in scholarly activity for publication. Faculty and residents work together to plan the elective activities in advance—four weeks pass very quickly! This elective also lays the groundwork for more extended global mental health activities during the 4th year.

If you are interested in hosting a resident for a Global Mental Health elective, please reach out to Dr. Collins (pyc1@uw.edu). This opportunity is not restricted to psychiatry faculty, and the residents really appreciate the opportunity to carve out a discrete piece of work while also being involved in team meetings and learning about your work.