Center for Novel Therapeutics in Addiction Psychiatry is official

Department news | March 30, 2023

The UW’s Office of Research facilitates the development of new research initiatives that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries and sanctions the creation of new interdisciplinary Centers, Institutes, and Programs collectively referred to as ‘Organized Research Units’ (ORUs). The Center for Novel Therapeutics in Addiction Psychiatry (NTAP) led by Nathan Sackett, MD, MS, and supported by Andie Uomoto, MPA, is our latest initiative to become an official UW Research Center.

A growing body of research suggests that the use of psychedelic compounds combined with behavioral interventions may provide powerful treatment options for a range of addictions including alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorder, tobacco use disorder and many others. Only a few academic institutions are pursuing a systemic investigation into this emerging treatment approach for addictions grounded in mental health expertise. The mission of the UW Center for Novel Therapeutics in Addiction Psychiatry is to create powerful new ways of treating people struggling with alcohol, opioid, tobacco and other addictions by combining psychedelic compounds with evidence-based behavioral interventions.

Important to NTAP’s success will be collaboration with faculty and staff from departments and programs across the university including psychiatry and behavioral sciences, psychology, pharmacology, anesthesiology and neuroscience, to name a few. Learn more and sign-up for NTAP’s newsletter on the NTAP website.