Machine learning methods for identifying person-level mechanisms of alcohol use among sexual and gender minority intersections

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  • Connor McCabe, PhD

The goals of the proposed research are to 1) distinguish sexual and gender minoritized (SGM) subgroups and intersections at heightened risk for alcohol use (AU; e.g., bisexuals and trans persons, SGM young women of color), 2) assess the role of state policies in moderating AU risk, and 3) delineate moderators and mechanisms of heightened AU across SGM populations within and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Aim 1 will identify heterogeneity in substance use behaviors among SGM communities. It will then test race/ethnicity and age as intersectional moderators of SGM inequities and state-level policies impacting SGM communities that further differentiate AU risk among SGM groups. Findings will then be extended to address mediators and moderators of AU in the monthly AURP COVID-19 Participant Experience Survey (Aim 2) as well as the longitudinal, biennial data that extends beyond the pandemic into 2027 (Aim 3).

Project Period:
September 19, 2022 August 31, 2024

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Substance use disorders/misuse