Zeba Ahmad, PhD

Recent Publications

The pain of grief: Exploring the concept of psychological pain and its relation to complicated grief, depression, and risk for suicide in bereaved adults.
(2020 Jul 14)
J Clin Psychol
Frumkin MR, Robinaugh DJ, LeBlanc NJ, Ahmad Z, Bui E, Nock MK, Simon NM, McNally RJ

Sleep Quality in Young Adult Informal Caregivers: Understanding Psychological and Biological Processes.
(2020 Jan 3)
Int J Behav Med
Hoyt MA, Mazza MC, Ahmad Z, Darabos K, Applebaum AJ

Natural language use and couples' adjustment to head and neck cancer.
(2016 Oct)
Health Psychol 35(10): 1069-80
Badr H, Milbury K, Majeed N, Carmack CL, Ahmad Z, Gritz ER

Association of perceived barriers with prospective use of VA mental health care among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
(2012 Apr)
Psychiatr Serv 63(4): 380-2
Hoerster KD, Malte CA, Imel ZE, Ahmad Z, Hunt SC, Jakupcak M

Introducing embedded indigenous psychological support teams: a suggested addition to psychological first aid in an international context.
Int J Emerg Ment Health 14(4): 289-96
Edwards-Stewart A, Ahmad ZS, Thoburn JW, Furman R, Lambert AJ, Shelly L, Gunn G

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