Zeba Ahmad, PhD

Recent Publications

Cancer-Peer Connection in the Context of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer: A Qualitative Exploration.
(2022 Apr 6)
J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol
Hotchkiss ME, Ahmad ZN, Ford JS

Psychological symptoms and patterns of mobile application use for young adult cancer survivors.
(2021 Jul)
Psychooncology 30(7): 1178-1182
Ahmad ZN, Benedict C, Hotchkiss M, Ford JS

The pain of grief: Exploring the concept of psychological pain and its relation to complicated grief, depression, and risk for suicide in bereaved adults.
(2021 Jan)
J Clin Psychol 77(1): 254-267
Frumkin MR, Robinaugh DJ, LeBlanc NJ, Ahmad Z, Bui E, Nock MK, Simon NM, McNally RJ

Sleep Quality in Young Adult Informal Caregivers: Understanding Psychological and Biological Processes.
(2021 Feb)
Int J Behav Med 28(1): 6-13
Hoyt MA, Mazza MC, Ahmad Z, Darabos K, Applebaum AJ

Natural language use and couples' adjustment to head and neck cancer.
(2016 Oct)
Health Psychol 35(10): 1069-80
Badr H, Milbury K, Majeed N, Carmack CL, Ahmad Z, Gritz ER

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