William Bryson, MD, MPH

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Cannabis Use and Nonfatal Opioid Overdose among Patients Enrolled in Methadone Maintenance Treatment.
Subst Use Misuse 56(5): 697-703
Bryson WC, Morasco BJ, Cotton BP, Thielke SM

Gender Differences in Patterns and Correlates of Continued Substance Use among Patients in Methadone Maintenance Treatment.
Subst Use Misuse 56(4): 529-538
Arnold TD, Lin LA, Cotton BP, Bryson WC, Polenick CA

Associations Between Parole, Probation, Arrest, and Self-reported Suicide Attempts.
(2021 May)
Community Ment Health J 57(4): 727-735
Bryson WC, Piel J, Thielke S

Gender differences in the association between modifiable risk factors and financial hardship among middle-aged and older adults.
(2019 Dec)
Prev Med Rep 16(): 100962
Marshall GL, Bryson W, Ronstant O, Canham S

Loneliness and Illicit Opioid Use Among Methadone Maintenance Treatment Patients.
Subst Use Misuse 54(13): 2089-2098
Polenick CA, Cotton BP, Bryson WC, Birditt KS

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