Wade Reiner, MD

My interest in the intersection of biology and life stories led me to major in Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University and to enroll in the psychiatry residency training program at Washington University in St. Louis. Since completing training, I have had an excellent experience working at UW/Harborview’s emergency and inpatient psychiatry services.  It has been a pleasure teaching and learning from medical students and residents while working alongside diverse teams (of committed nurses, mental health specialists, and social workers) to connect with and care for our patients. My teaching interests include the psychiatric interview, documentation, and fundamentals of clinical decision-making. Clinically, I enjoy taking a holistic approach to care, utilizing interventions across behavioral changes, pharmacology, and skill development through talk therapy. Lastly, I plan to further pursue my interest in the intersection of technology and healthcare by continuing to provide guidance to Seattle-based  mental health-related start-ups.


Psychiatry Residency at Washington University in St. Louis, 2019
MD, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY, 2015
BA, Psychological and Brain Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2010

Recent Publications

Maternal Cerebrospinal Fluid Glutamate in Response to Variable Foraging Demand: Relationship to Cerebrospinal Fluid Serotonin Metabolites in Grown Offspring.
(2018 Jan-Dec)
Chronic Stress (Thousand Oaks) 2():
Coplan JD, Gupta NK, Flynn SK, Reiner WJ, Gaita D, Fulton SL, Rozenboym AV, Tang JE, Cooper TB, Mann JJ

Elevated cerebrospinal fluid 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in macaques following early life stress and inverse association with hippocampal volume: preliminary implications for serotonin-related function in mood and anxiety disorders.
Front Behav Neurosci 8(): 440
Coplan JD, Fulton SL, Reiner W, Jackowski A, Panthangi V, Perera TD, Gorman JM, Huang YY, Tang CY, Hof PR, Kaffman A, Dwork AJ, Mathew SJ, Kaufman J, Mann JJ

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