Tyler Sasser, PhD


UW - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, 2017, Child & Adolescent Psychology
Pennsylvania State University Medical Education, 2016, Child Psychology

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Program for Enhancement of Attention Regulation and Learning Clinic

Recent Publications

Acute Effects of Parent Stimulant Medication Versus Behavioral Parent Training on Mothers' ADHD, Parenting Behavior, and At-Risk Children.
(2020 Sep 8)
J Clin Psychiatry 81(5):
Chronis-Tuscano A, French W, Strickland J, Sasser T, Gonzalez ENS, Whitlock KB, Stein MA

Implementation of Home-Based Telemental Health in a Large Child Psychiatry Department During the COVID-19 Crisis.
(2020 Sep)
J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol 30(7): 404-413
Sharma A, Sasser T, Schoenfelder Gonzalez E, Vander Stoep A, Myers K

Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Sleep in Children With ADHD.
(2019 Jun 1)
J Phys Act Health 16(6): 416-422
Tandon PS, Sasser T, Gonzalez ES, Whitlock KB, Christakis DA, Stein MA

Preschool Intervention Can Promote Sustained Growth in the Executive-Function Skills of Children Exhibiting Early Deficits.
(2017 Dec)
Psychol Sci 28(12): 1719-1730
Sasser TR, Bierman KL, Heinrichs B, Nix RL

Targeting Functional Impairments in the Treatment of Children and Adolescents with ADHD.
(2017 Feb)
CNS Drugs 31(2): 97-107
Sasser T, Schoenfelder EN, Stein MA

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