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Tuesday Burns, MD

I enjoy collaborating with patients and viewing their concerns through a holistic lens. I believe that transparent, integrated care is the most effective way to arrive at an accurate case conceptualization and treatment plan. My background in the neurosciences and medical psychiatry has offered me a comprehensive understanding of the biologic basis of psychiatric illness and the strength of the mind-body connection. My practice has span clinical, academic and research realms and afforded me opportunities to work with treatment-resistant depression, neuromodulation therapies, medical complexities and patients impacted by hormonal changes related to puberty, pregnancy, gender transitions and menopause. I enjoy learning from my patients and remain humbled by their resilience.


Brigham and Women's Hospital Fellowship, 2009, Women's Mental Health
Harvard Medical School Residency Program, 2008, Psychiatry
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2003, Medical Education
Brown University Bachelor of Science, 1999, Neuroscience

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