Taylor Black, MD

Personal Statement

I came to the UW to train in psychosomatic medicine and to work in a complex comorbid population as a clinician and a teacher. Most medical and surgical patients served at Harborview will have psychosocial needs; often these are as critical to their recovery and health as somatic health problems. Working across disciplines is challenging but also clinically valuable, intellectually stimulating, and exciting to our trainees when we can address care in a more integrated and holistic manner. I like to focus my academic work on defining what the needs of Harborview’s clinical population are, and how our busy psychiatric consultation services can be best utilized to promote the health of our patients and our institutions.


Psychosomatic Medicine , University of Washington , 2014-2015
Psychiatry , University of Colorado , 2010-2014
MD , University of Washington , 2006-2010

Recent Publications

Optimization of Sources of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Variability for Downstream Molecular Analysis.
(2021 Nov)
J Mol Diagn 23(11): 1545-1552
Till JE, Black TA, Gentile C, Abdalla A, Wang Z, Sangha HK, Roth JJ, Sussman R, Yee SS, O'Hara MH, Thompson JC, Aggarwal C, Hwang WT, Elenitoba-Johnson KSJ, Carpenter EL

Serial Monitoring of Circulating Tumor DNA by Next-Generation Gene Sequencing as a Biomarker of Response and Survival in Patients With Advanced NSCLC Receiving Pembrolizumab-Based Therapy.
JCO Precis Oncol 5():
Thompson JC, Carpenter EL, Silva BA, Rosenstein J, Chien AL, Quinn K, Espenschied CR, Mak A, Kiedrowski LA, Lefterova M, Nagy RJ, Katz SI, Yee SS, Black TA, Singh AP, Ciunci CA, Bauml JM, Cohen RB, Langer CJ, Aggarwal C

Combining radiomic phenotypes of non-small cell lung cancer with liquid biopsy data may improve prediction of response to EGFR inhibitors.
(2021 May 11)
Sci Rep 11(1): 9984
Yousefi B, LaRiviere MJ, Cohen EA, Buckingham TH, Yee SS, Black TA, Chien AL, Noël P, Hwang WT, Katz SI, Aggarwal C, Thompson JC, Carpenter EL, Kontos D

Prevalence and Predictors of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Serum Levels among Members of a Suburban US Volunteer Fire Department.
(2021 Apr 2)
Int J Environ Res Public Health 18(7):
Graber JM, Black TM, Shah NN, Caban-Martinez AJ, Lu SE, Brancard T, Yu CH, Turyk ME, Black K, Steinberg MB, Fan Z, Burgess JL

Perceived Health Risks Among Firefighters; The New Jersey Firefighter Health Survey.
(2021 Apr 1)
J Occup Environ Med 63(4): 317-321
Maloney SR, Udasin IG, Black TM, Shah NN, Steinberg MB, Pratt ME, Graber JM

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