Susan E Collins, PhD

Susan E. Collins, PhD, is a professor, licensed clinical psychologist, codirector of the Harm Reduction Research and Treatment (HaRRT) Center at the University of Washington – Harborview Medical Center, and professor at Washington State University. She has been involved in substance use research, assessment and treatment for over 25 years and has disseminated this work in 80 book chapters, abstracts and peer-reviewed articles, including the new evidence-based treatment manual from Hogrefe entitled “Harm Reduction Treatment for Substance Use.” She works with multidisciplinary research and clinical teams, community-based agencies, and people who use substances to codevelop and evaluate interventions that aim to reduce substance-related harm and improve quality of life for people who use substances and their communities. She founded and clinically consults for the Harm Reduction Treatment Track at Harborview Medical Center’s Mental Health and Addiction Services. In 2013, Dr. Collins received the G. Alan Marlatt Memorial Research Award for her contributions to alcohol research. In 2015, she was invited to speak on her work at the White House and was given the New Investigator Award for her Harm Reduction Treatment development in the University of Washington Science-in-Medicine Lecture Series. Dr. Collins is also a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter embedded within families affected by the intergenerational experience of substance use disorder and its sequelae. Susan attended her first 12-step meeting when she was 16, and her families’ and her own lived experiences drive her desire to reduce the stigma of addictive behaviors and meet people where they are at in all aspects of her work.

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Recent Publications

A systematic meta-epidemiologic review on nonabstinence-inclusive interventions for substance use: inclusion of race/ethnicity and sex assigned at birth/gender.
(2024 Feb 27)
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse
Goldstein SC, Newberger NG, Schick MR, Ferguson JJ, Collins SE, Haeny AM, Weiss NH

Impact of Harm Reduction Treatment with or without Pharmacotherapy on Polysubstance Use among People Experiencing Homelessness and Alcohol Use Disorder.
(2023 Sep-Oct 01)
J Addict Med 17(5): 574-579
Mostofi N, Collins SE

Extended-release Naltrexone Is Not Linked to Hepatotoxicity in Adults Experiencing Homelessness and Alcohol Use Disorder.
(2023 May-Jun 01)
J Addict Med 17(3): 363-366
Vutien P, Kim NJ, Merrill JO, Duncan MH, Ioannou GN, Collins SE

Combining behavioral harm-reduction treatment and extended-release naltrexone for people experiencing homelessness and alcohol use disorder in the USA: a randomised clinical trial.
(2021 Apr)
Lancet Psychiatry 8(4): 287-300
Collins SE, Duncan MH, Saxon AJ, Taylor EM, Mayberry N, Merrill JO, Hoffmann GE, Clifasefi SL, Ries RK

Harm reduction treatment for smoking (HaRT-S): findings from a single-arm pilot study with smokers experiencing chronic homelessness.
Subst Abus 40(2): 229-239
Collins SE, Nelson LA, Stanton J, Mayberry N, Ubay T, Taylor EM, Hoffmann G, Goldstein SC, Saxon AJ, Malone DK, Clifasefi SL, Okuyemi K, HaRT-S Community Advisory Board

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