Stephen Thielke, MD, MS, MA

Personal Statement

​I am a geriatric psychiatrist and health services researcher. My research focuses on ways of improving mental health and well-being among older adults, especially those with dementia and their caregivers.


Geriatric Psychiatry, University of Washington, 2005-2006
Geriatric Mental Health Services T32, University of Washington, 2006-2008
Psychiatry, University of Washington, 2001-2005
MD, Medicine, University of Washington, 1997-2001
MS, Health Services, University of Washington, 2006-2007
BA, Classics, Reed College, 1988-1992

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Weight Loss Is a Strong Predictor of Memory Disorder Independent of Genetic Influences.
(2023 Jul 31)
Genes (Basel) 14(8):
Chen S, Sarasua SM, Davis NJ, DeLuca JM, Thielke SM, Yu CE

Multidimensional trajectories of multimorbidity, functional status, cognitive performance, and depressive symptoms among diverse groups of older adults.
(2022 Jan-Dec)
J Multimorb Comorb 12(): 26335565221143012
Quiñones AR, Nagel CL, Botoseneanu A, Newsom JT, Dorr DA, Kaye J, Thielke SM, Allore HG

How to Accommodate the Emotional Dimensions of Advance Care Planning Using Motivational Interviewing and Conditional Medical Orders.
(2022 Nov 11)
Healthcare (Basel) 10(11):
Stuart RB, Birchfield G, Thielke S

TOMM40 genetic variants associated with healthy aging and longevity: a systematic review.
(2022 Aug 13)
BMC Geriatr 22(1): 667
Chen S, Sarasua SM, Davis NJ, DeLuca JM, Boccuto L, Thielke SM, Yu CE

Potential Explanatory Factors for the Concurrent Experience of Dyspnea and Pain in Patients with COPD.
COPD 19(1): 282-289
Bartz-Overman C, Albanese AM, Fan V, Locke ER, Parikh T, Thielke S

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