Stephen Thielke, MD, MS, MA

Personal Statement

​I am a geriatric psychiatrist and health services researcher. My research focuses on ways of improving mental health and well-being among older adults, especially those with dementia and their caregivers.


Geriatric Psychiatry, University of Washington, 2005-2006
Geriatric Mental Health Services T32, University of Washington, 2006-2008
Psychiatry, University of Washington, 2001-2005
MD, Medicine, University of Washington, 1997-2001
MS, Health Services, University of Washington, 2006-2007
BA, Classics, Reed College, 1988-1992

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Potential Explanatory Factors for the Concurrent Experience of Dyspnea and Pain in Patients with COPD.
COPD 19(1): 282-289
Bartz-Overman C, Albanese AM, Fan V, Locke ER, Parikh T, Thielke S

Longitudinal Changes in Hearing and Visual Impairments and Risk of Dementia in Older Adults in the United States.
(2022 May 2)
JAMA Netw Open 5(5): e2210734
Hwang PH, Longstreth WT Jr, Thielke SM, Francis CE, Carone M, Kuller LH, Fitzpatrick AL

Trajectories of cognitive functioning in later life: Disparities by race/ethnicity, educational attainment, sex, and multimorbidity combinations.
(2022 Jun)
SSM Popul Health 18(): 101084
Quiñones AR, Chen S, Nagel CL, Botoseneanu A, Allore HG, Newsom JT, Thielke S, Kaye J

Arrest and non-fatal suicide attempts among men: analysis of survey data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
(2021 Oct 29)
BMC Psychiatry 21(1): 537
Bryson WC, Piel J, Thielke SM

Perspectives of patients with depression and chronic pain about bone health after a fragility fracture: A qualitative study.
(2022 Feb)
Health Expect 25(1): 177-190
Sale JEM, Gignac M, Frankel L, Thielke S, Bogoch E, Elliot-Gibson V, Hawker G, Funnell L

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