Stephen Sulzbacher, PhD

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Recent Publications

Assessing the association between pesticide exposure and cognitive development in rural Costa Rican children living in organic and conventional coffee farms.
(2009 Oct-Dec)
Int J Adolesc Med Health 21(4): 609-21
Lu C, Essig C, Root C, Rohlman DS, McDonald T, Sulzbacher S

Telepsychiatry improves paediatric behavioural health care in rural communities.
J Telemed Telecare 12(6): 285-8
Sulzbacher S, Vallin T, Waetzig EZ

Telepsychiatry with children and adolescents: are patients comparable to those evaluated in usual outpatient care?
(2004 Fall)
Telemed J E Health 10(3): 278-85
Myers KM, Sulzbacher S, Melzer SM

Behavioral health: setting the rural health research agenda.
J Rural Health 18 Suppl(): 242-55
Hartley D, Britain C, Sulzbacher S

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