Sina Shah-Hosseini, MD

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Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Recent Publications

The effects of a hands-free communication device system in a surgical suite.
(2011 Jan-Feb)
J Am Med Inform Assoc 18(1): 70-2
Richardson JE, Shah-Hosseini S, Fiadjoe JE, Ash JS, Rehman MA

Overweight/obesity and gastric fluid characteristics in pediatric day surgery: implications for fasting guidelines and pulmonary aspiration risk.
(2009 Sep)
Anesth Analg 109(3): 727-36
Cook-Sather SD, Gallagher PR, Kruge LE, Beus JM, Ciampa BP, Welch KC, Shah-Hosseini S, Choi JS, Pachikara R, Minger K, Litman RS, Schreiner MS

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