Sari Gold

Personal Statement

​I am a clinical psychologist at the Seattle VA.  I am interested in the use of telemedicine to expand access to evidence based care, particularly to underserved populations.

Recent Publications

Identifying and addressing mental health providers' perceived barriers to clinical video telehealth utilization.
(2020 Jun)
J Clin Psychol 76(6): 1125-1134
Perry K, Gold S, Shearer EM

Veterans administration health care utilization among sexual minority veterans.
(2013 May)
Psychol Serv 10(2): 223-232
Simpson TL, Balsam KF, Cochran BN, Lehavot K, Gold SD

Tonic immobility mediates the influence of peritraumatic fear and perceived inescapability on posttraumatic stress symptom severity among sexual assault survivors.
(2008 Aug)
J Trauma Stress 21(4): 402-9
Bovin MJ, Jager-Hyman S, Gold SD, Marx BP, Sloan DM

Gay male sexual assault survivors: the relations among internalized homophobia, experiential avoidance, and psychological symptom severity.
(2007 Mar)
Behav Res Ther 45(3): 549-62
Gold SD, Marx BP, Lexington JM

Sexual revictimization among sexual minorities: A preliminary study.
(2005 Oct)
J Trauma Stress 18(5): 533-40
Heidt JM, Marx BP, Gold SD

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