Sara Jane Webb, PhD

Personal Statement

My research focuses on understanding the development of neural circuits that contributing to and underlie social development. Our lab uses a number of different tools: primarily electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERPs), but also eye tracking, cardiophysiology (EKG), neuroimaging, and behavioral measures to study how infants, children, and adults perceive, attend and learn about their social environment. Our projects also focus on the development and validation of biomarkers that may be used to understand the course of development and treatment response in children with disruption in social and communication function such as autism spectrum disorder, 16p11.2 deletion syndrome, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.


Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Illinois, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science, 2001
Clinical Electrophysiology, University of Washington, Center on Human Development & Disability, 2001-2004
PhD, Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, Institute of Child Development, 1996-2001
BA, Psychology, Yale University, 1992-1996

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Seattle Children’s Research Institute
Center on Child Health, Behavior, & Development

Recent Publications

Social motivation by self- and caregiver-report: Reporter concordance and social correlates among autistic and neurotypical youth.
(2023 Nov 21)
Autism Res
Neuhaus E, Bernier RA, Webb SJ

Pubertal maturation and timing effects on resting state electroencephalography in autistic and comparison youth.
(2023 Nov)
Dev Psychobiol 65(7): e22415
Rea HM, Clawson A, Hudac CM, Santhosh M, Bernier RA, Earl RK, Pelphrey KA, Webb SJ, Neuhaus E, GENDAAR Consortium

EEG functional connectivity in infants at elevated familial likelihood for autism spectrum disorder.
(2023 Oct 7)
Mol Autism 14(1): 37
O'Reilly C, Huberty S, van Noordt S, Desjardins J, Wright N, Scorah J, Webb SJ, Elsabbagh M, BASIS team

Frontal EEG alpha asymmetry in youth with autism: Sex differences and social-emotional correlates.
(2023 Sep 29)
Autism Res
Neuhaus E, Santhosh M, Kresse A, Aylward E, Bernier R, Bookheimer S, Jeste S, Jack A, McPartland JC, Naples A, Van Horn JD, Pelphrey K, Webb SJ, ACE GENDAAR Network

The Selective Social Attention task in children with autism spectrum disorder: Results from the Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials (ABC-CT) feasibility study.
(2023 Nov)
Autism Res 16(11): 2150-2159
Shic F, Barney EC, Naples AJ, Dommer KJ, Chang SA, Li B, McAllister T, Atyabi A, Wang Q, Bernier R, Dawson G, Dziura J, Faja S, Jeste SS, Murias M, Johnson SP, Sabatos-DeVito M, Helleman G, Senturk D, Sugar CA, Webb SJ, McPartland JC, Chawarska K, Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials

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