Sara Jane Webb, PhD

Personal Statement

My research focuses on the use of electroencephalography (EEG), event-related potentials (ERPs), eye tracking, and behavioral measures to study how infants, children, and adults learn about their environment, and how that learning is impacted by developmental disruptions. My projects represent an effort to understand the neural circuits that contributing to and underlie atypical development, resulting in biomarkers that may be used to understand the course of development and treatment response in children.


Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Illinois, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science, 2001
Clinical Electrophysiology, University of Washington, Center on Human Development & Disability, 2001-2004
PhD, Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, Institute of Child Development, 1996-2001
BA, Psychology, Yale University, 1992-1996

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Seattle Children’s Research Institute
Center on Child Health, Behavior, & Development

Recent Publications

Attention Allocation During Exploration of Visual Arrays in ASD: Results from the ABC-CT Feasibility Study.
(2022 Jun 3)
J Autism Dev Disord
Tsang T, Naples AJ, Barney EC, Xie M, Bernier R, Dawson G, Dziura J, Faja S, Jeste SS, McPartland JC, Nelson CA, Murias M, Seow H, Sugar C, Webb SJ, Shic F, Johnson SP

Multilevel hybrid principal components analysis for region-referenced functional electroencephalography data.
(2022 May 25)
Stat Med
Campos E, Wolfe Scheffler A, Telesca D, Sugar C, DiStefano C, Jeste S, Levin AR, Naples A, Webb SJ, Shic F, Dawson G, Faja S, McPartland JC, Şentürk D, Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials.

Patterns of Intervention Utilization Among School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Findings from a Multi-Site Research Consortium.
(2022 Jun)
Res Autism Spectr Disord 94():
Sridhar A, Kuhn J, Faja S, Sabatos-DeVito M, Nikolaeva JI, Dawson G, Nelson CA, Webb SJ, Bernier R, Jeste S, Chawarska K, Sugar CA, Shic F, Naples A, Dziura J, McPartland JC, ABC-CT Consortium.

The autism biomarkers consortium for clinical trials: evaluation of a battery of candidate eye-tracking biomarkers for use in autism clinical trials.
(2022 Mar 21)
Mol Autism 13(1): 15
Shic F, Naples AJ, Barney EC, Chang SA, Li B, McAllister T, Kim M, Dommer KJ, Hasselmo S, Atyabi A, Wang Q, Helleman G, Levin AR, Seow H, Bernier R, Charwaska K, Dawson G, Dziura J, Faja S, Jeste SS, Johnson SP, Murias M, Nelson CA, Sabatos-DeVito M, Senturk D, Sugar CA, Webb SJ, McPartland JC

Brief Report: Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms among Autistic Adults.
(2022 Jun)
J Autism Dev Disord 52(6): 2819-2824
Radoeva PD, Ballinger K, Ho T, Webb SJ, Stobbe GA

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