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Sandra Radin, PhD

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Commentary on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on opioid use disorder treatment among Indigenous communities in the United States and Canada.
(2021 Feb)
J Subst Abuse Treat 121(): 108165
Wendt DC, Marsan S, Parker D, Lizzy KE, Roper J, Mushquash C, Venner KL, Lam A, Swansburg J, Worth N, Sorlagas N, Quach T, Manoukian K, Bernett P, Radin SM

Substance Use Research with Indigenous Communities: Exploring and Extending Foundational Principles of Community Psychology.
(2019 Sep)
Am J Community Psychol 64(1-2): 146-158
Wendt DC, Hartmann WE, Allen J, Burack JA, Charles B, D'Amico EJ, Dell CA, Dickerson DL, Donovan DM, Gone JP, O'Connor RM, Radin SM, Rasmus SM, Venner KL, Walls ML

Future directions for medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder with American Indian/Alaska Natives.
(2018 Nov)
Addict Behav 86(): 111-117
Venner KL, Donovan DM, Campbell ANC, Wendt DC, Rieckmann T, Radin SM, Momper SL, Rosa CL

Community perspectives on drug/alcohol use, concerns, needs, and resources in four Washington State Tribal communities.
J Ethn Subst Abuse 14(1): 29-58
Radin SM, Kutz SH, LaMarr J, Vendiola D, Vendiola M, Wilbur B, Thomas LR, Donovan DM

Substance use, treatment admissions, and recovery trends in diverse Washington State tribal communities.
(2012 Sep)
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 38(5): 511-7
Radin SM, Banta-Green CJ, Thomas LR, Kutz SH, Donovan DM

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