Russell McCann, PhD

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Recent Publications

The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Novel Telepsychiatry Curriculum for Integrated Care Psychiatry Fellows.
(2020 Apr 15)
Acad Psychiatry
McCann RA, Erickson JM, Palm-Cruz KJ

Practical and Regulatory Considerations of Teleprescribing via CVT.
(2019 Nov 18)
Curr Psychiatry Rep 21(12): 122
McCann RA, Lingam HA, Felker BL, Caudill RL

Recommendations for Using Clinical Video Telehealth with Patients at High Risk for Suicide.
(2019 Dec)
Psychiatr Clin North Am 42(4): 587-595
McGinn MM, Roussev MS, Shearer EM, McCann RA, Rojas SM, Felker BL

Virtual reality exposure therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders: an evaluation of research quality.
(2014 Aug)
J Anxiety Disord 28(6): 625-31
McCann RA, Armstrong CM, Skopp NA, Edwards-Stewart A, Smolenski DJ, June JD, Metzger-Abamukong M, Reger GM

Home-based telemental healthcare safety planning: what you need to know.
(2012 Oct)
Telemed J E Health 18(8): 629-33
Luxton DD, O'Brien K, McCann RA, Mishkind MC

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