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Rebecca Hopkinson, MD

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Review of Current Care Models for Transgender Youth and Application to the Development of a Multidisciplinary Clinic - The Seattle Children's Hospital Experience.
(2018 Apr)
Pediatr Endocrinol Rev 15(4): 280-290
Salehi P, Divall SA, Crouch JM, Hopkinson RA, Kroon L, Lawrence J, Wilfond BS, Inwards-Breland DJ

Persecution Experiences and Mental Health of LGBT Asylum Seekers.
J Homosex 64(12): 1650-1666
Hopkinson RA, Keatley E, Glaeser E, Erickson-Schroth L, Fattal O, Nicholson Sullivan M

MetaCyc: a multiorganism database of metabolic pathways and enzymes.
(2006 Jan 1)
Nucleic Acids Res 34(Database issue): D511-6
Caspi R, Foerster H, Fulcher CA, Hopkinson R, Ingraham J, Kaipa P, Krummenacker M, Paley S, Pick J, Rhee SY, Tissier C, Zhang P, Karp PD

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