Mitchell Levy, MD

Personal Statement

My primary practice setting is inpatient psychiatry. I am involved with resident and medical student education and training.


George Washington University -SOM Medical education, 1996
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry

Recent Publications

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of TREM-1 inhibition with nangibotide in patients with COVID-19 receiving respiratory support: the ESSENTIAL randomised, double-blind trial.
(2023 Jun)
EClinicalMedicine 60(): 102013
François B, Lambden S, Garaud JJ, Derive M, Grouin JM, Asfar P, Darreau C, Mira JP, Quenot JP, Lemarié J, Mercier E, Lacherade JC, Vinsonneau C, Fivez T, Helms J, Badie J, Levy M, Cuvier V, Salcedo-Magguilli M, Laszlo-Pouvreau AL, Laterre PF, Gibot S, ESSENTIAL investigators

Time to treatment and mortality for clinical sepsis subtypes.
(2023 Jun 15)
Crit Care 27(1): 236
Yang A, Kennedy JN, Reitz KM, Phillips G, Terry KM, Levy MM, Angus DC, Seymour CW

Prospective evaluation of the efficacy, safety, and optimal biomarker enrichment strategy for nangibotide, a TREM-1 inhibitor, in patients with septic shock (ASTONISH): a double-blind, randomised, controlled, phase 2b trial.
(2023 May 31)
Lancet Respir Med
François B, Lambden S, Fivez T, Gibot S, Derive M, Grouin JM, Salcedo-Magguilli M, Lemarié J, De Schryver N, Jalkanen V, Hicheur T, Garaud JJ, Cuvier V, Ferrer R, Bestle M, Pettilä V, Mira JP, Bouisse C, Mercier E, Vermassen J, Huberlant V, Vinatier I, Anguel N, Levy M, Laterre PF, ASTONISH investigators

Surviving Sepsis Campaign.
(2023 Apr 1)
Crit Care Med 51(4): 431-444
Dellinger RP, Rhodes A, Evans L, Alhazzani W, Beale R, Jaeschke R, Machado FR, Masur H, Osborn T, Parker MM, Schorr C, Townsend SR, Levy MM

Identification and mechanistic basis of non-ACE2 blocking neutralizing antibodies from COVID-19 patients with deep RNA sequencing and molecular dynamics simulations.
Front Mol Biosci 9(): 1080964
Fredericks AM, East KW, Shi Y, Liu J, Maschietto F, Ayala A, Cioffi WG, Cohen M, Fairbrother WG, Lefort CT, Nau GJ, Levy MM, Wang J, Batista VS, Lisi GP, Monaghan SF

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