Michael Storck, MD

Personal Statement

​I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who has served for over 20 years as the attending psychiatrist on the middle-schooler unit at Child Study and Treatment Center. I also serve, 25% time , as “College Mentor” in the UWSoM Introduction to Clinical Medicine Curriculum where I mentor 6  six students in each UWSoM class through their four year curriculum.  I serve as preceptor/supervisor for one CAP fellow during their rotation at CSTC. I also run the elective clerkship for fourth year medical students (approxinately 10 students/year) during 2 and 4 week rotations at CSTC.


Medical College of Ohio at Toledo Medical education, 1980
UW - Dept. of Child Psychiatry Residency, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center Fellowship
Duke University Medical Center Internship, Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center Residency, Psychiatry

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

ODM-DQA-Reporter: A Generic Approach to Assess and Monitor Basic Data Quality of Medical Research Data in Operational Data Model (ODM) Format.
(2022 Jun 6)
Stud Health Technol Inform 290(): 983-984
Süer A, Riepenhausen S, Storck M, Greulich L, Zeidler C, Ständer S, Dugas M

Linking EMR Data to REDCap: Implementation in the SOLKID Register.
(2022 May 25)
Stud Health Technol Inform 294(): 184-188
Brix TJ, Greulich L, Janssen A, Riepenhausen S, Neuhaus P, Oehm J, Wegner J, Suwelack B, Storck M, Varghese J

Satisfaction with and Feasibility of Prenatal Counseling via Telemedicine: A Prospective Cohort Study.
(2021 Dec 3)
Telemed J E Health
Oelmeier K, Schmitz R, Möllers M, Braun J, Deharde D, Sourouni M, Köster HA, Apsite G, Eveslage M, Fischhuber K, Storck M, Emming F, Wohlmann J, Juhra C

Comparison of itch characteristics and sleep in patients with brachioradial pruritus and notalgia paresthetica: A retrospective analysis from 2 itch centers.
(2021 Mar)
JAAD Int 2(): 96-97
Lipman ZM, Magnolo N, Golpanian RS, Storck M, Yosipovich G, Zeidler C

Design and Implementation of an Informatics Infrastructure for Standardized Data Acquisition, Transfer, Storage, and Export in Psychiatric Clinical Routine: Feasibility Study.
(2021 Jun 9)
JMIR Ment Health 8(6): e26681
Blitz R, Storck M, Baune BT, Dugas M, Opel N

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