Michael Storck, MD

Personal Statement

​I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who has served for over 20 years as the attending psychiatrist on the middle-schooler unit at Child Study and Treatment Center. I also serve, 25% time , as “College Mentor” in the UWSoM Introduction to Clinical Medicine Curriculum where I mentor 6  six students in each UWSoM class through their four year curriculum.  I serve as preceptor/supervisor for one CAP fellow during their rotation at CSTC. I also run the elective clerkship for fourth year medical students (approxinately 10 students/year) during 2 and 4 week rotations at CSTC.


Medical College of Ohio at Toledo Medical education, 1980
UW - Dept. of Child Psychiatry Residency, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center Fellowship
Duke University Medical Center Internship, Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center Residency, Psychiatry

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Raising the standards of patient-centered outcomes research in myelodysplastic syndromes: Clinical utility and validation of the subscales of the QUALMS from the MDS-RIGHT project.
(2022 Dec 19)
Cancer Med
Efficace F, Koinig K, Cottone F, Bowen D, Mittelman M, Sommer K, Langemeijer S, Culligan D, Filanovsky K, Storck M, Smith A, van Marrewijk C, Dugas M, Stojkov I, Siebert U, de Witte T, Stauder R

Symptom monitoring based on digital data collection during inpatient treatment of schizophrenia spectrum disorders - A feasibility study.
(2022 Oct)
Psychiatry Res 316(): 114773
Herpertz J, Richter MF, Barkhau C, Storck M, Blitz R, Steinmann LA, Goltermann J, Dannlowski U, Baune BT, Varghese J, Dugas M, Lencer R, Opel N

ODM-DQA-Reporter: A Generic Approach to Assess and Monitor Basic Data Quality of Medical Research Data in Operational Data Model (ODM) Format.
(2022 Jun 6)
Stud Health Technol Inform 290(): 983-984
Süer A, Riepenhausen S, Storck M, Greulich L, Zeidler C, Ständer S, Dugas M

Linking EMR Data to REDCap: Implementation in the SOLKID Register.
(2022 May 25)
Stud Health Technol Inform 294(): 184-188
Brix TJ, Greulich L, Janssen A, Riepenhausen S, Neuhaus P, Oehm J, Wegner J, Suwelack B, Storck M, Varghese J

Satisfaction with and Feasibility of Prenatal Counseling via Telemedicine: A Prospective Cohort Study.
(2022 Aug)
Telemed J E Health 28(8): 1193-1198
Oelmeier K, Schmitz R, Möllers M, Braun J, Deharde D, Sourouni M, Köster HA, Apsite G, Eveslage M, Fischhuber K, Storck M, Emming F, Wohlmann J, Juhra C

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