Michael McDonell, PhD

Personal Statement

My primary interest is on determining how behavioral technologies can be used to improve alcohol and drug abuse outcomes for those suffering from addiction health disparities. Behavioral technologies are non-talk therapy approaches to addiction treatment, such as motivational incentives where we provide rewards for people who abstain from or reduce their drinking. This low-cost, strength based approach to addiciton can be implimented in low-resources settings by non clinicians. In fact, our group is investigating how smartphones might be used to impliment this treatment, allowing us to reach the millions of individuals suffering from alcohol problems worldwide.  

My second research interest in evaluating the accuracy of alcohol biomarkers in addiction treatment settings. These include alcohol urine tests, such as ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and mobile phone linked Bluetooth breathalyzers. These tools allow us to accurately assess  the sucess of alcohol treatments, as well as provide valuable research tools.      

Importantly all of my ressearch studies are conducted in collaboration with two communities that suffer dispproporationately high rates of alcohol and drug miuse, 1) adults with severe mental illnesses, like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and 2) American Indians and Alaska Natives. My reserach team and I work closely with community partners who are providing addiction treatment to these populations with the goal of reducing the burden of alcohol and drug use in these communities. 

Recent Publications

Recent substance use among clients with early psychosis and the potential to graduate from New Journeys.
(2023 Jan 15)
Early Interv Psychiatry
Fraser ER, Kordas G, Stokes B, McDonell MG, Oluwoye O

Assessing Clinically Significant Cognitive Impairment Using the NIH Toolbox in Individuals with Co-occurring Serious Mental Illness and Alcohol Use Disorder.
(2022 Nov 8)
J Addict Med
Jett JD, Kordas G, Parent S, Keshtkar M, Shin R, King P, McPherson SM, Ries R, Roll JM, McDonell MG, Chaytor N

Factors Associated with Child Removal Among American Indian and Alaska Native People in an Alcohol Intervention Study.
(2022 Oct 29)
Child Maltreat
Lyons AJ, Hirchak KA, Kordas G, Herron JL, Jansen K, Alcover KC, Bergerson D, Avey JP, Shaw J, Roll J, Buchwald D, McDonell MG, HONOR Study Team

Drug-Drug Interaction Between Orally Administered Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen and Inhalation of Cannabis Smoke: A Case Report.
(2022 Aug)
Hosp Pharm 57(4): 518-525
Bindler RJ, Watson CJW, Lyons AJ, Skeiky L, Lewis J, McDonell M, Lazarus P, Wilson M

Variations in national availability of waivered buprenorphine prescribers by racial and ethnic composition of zip codes.
(2022 May 25)
Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy 17(1): 41
Hirchak KA, Amiri S, Kordas G, Oluwoye O, Lyons AJ, Bajet K, Hahn JA, McDonell MG, Campbell ANC, Venner K

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