Michael Gilson, PhD

Recent Publications

Alcohol and marijuana use predicting next-day absenteeism and engagement at school and work: A daily study of young adults.
(2023 Jul)
Addict Behav 142(): 107670
Duckworth JC, Graupensperger S, Schultz NR, Gilson MS, Fairlie AM, Patrick ME, Lee CM

Prom, graduation and parties: Alcohol use and normative perceptions among high school seniors during specific events.
(2023 Mar)
Addict Behav 138(): 107569
Gilson MS, Kilmer JR, Lee CM, Larimer ME

Substance-Specific Risk Factors for Cannabis and Alcohol Use Among Young Adults Following Implementation of Nonmedical Cannabis Legalization.
(2022 Sep 17)
Prev Sci
Gilson MS, Kilmer JR, Fleming CB, Rhew IC, Calhoun BH, Guttmannova K

"On a night like this": A mixed-methods approach to understanding high-risk drinking events in college students.
(2022 Jun)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 46(6): 1121-1132
Garcia TA, Hultgren BA, Canning JR, Gilson MS, Larimer ME

Alcohol and marijuana use, consequences, and perceived descriptive norms: Differences between two- and four-year college students.
(2022 Apr 15)
J Am Coll Health
Duckworth JC, Abdallah DA, Gilson MS, Lee CM

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