Maya Magarati, PhD

Recent Publications

Predictors of STD Screening From the Indigenist Stress-Coping Model Among Native Adults With Binge Substance Use.
Front Public Health 10(): 829539
Magarati M, Chambers RS, Yenokyan G, Rosenstock S, Walls M, Slimp A, Larzelere F, Lee A, Pinal L, Tingey L

Exploring theoretical mechanisms of community-engaged research: a multilevel cross-sectional national study of structural and relational practices in community-academic partnerships.
(2022 May 2)
Int J Equity Health 21(1): 59
Oetzel JG, Boursaw B, Magarati M, Dickson E, Sanchez-Youngman S, Morales L, Kastelic S, Eder MM, Wallerstein N

Scales of Practices and Outcomes for Community-Engaged Research.
(2021 Jun)
Am J Community Psychol 67(3-4): 256-270
Boursaw B, Oetzel JG, Dickson E, Thein TS, Sanchez-Youngman S, Peña J, Parker M, Magarati M, Littledeer L, Duran B, Wallerstein N

Drug and Alcohol Policies at Tribal Colleges: A Descriptive Study Assessing Variations in Alcohol and Drug Policy by Setting.
Am Indian Alsk Native Ment Health Res 27(2): 37-59
Martin K, Solomon C, Magarati M, Parker M, Egashira L, Duran B

Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Moderate and Acute Suicidal Ideation among a National Sample of Tribal College and University Students 2015-2016.
(2021 Jun)
J Rural Health 37(3): 545-553
Parker M, Duran B, Rhew I, Magarati M, Larimer M, Donovan D

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