Mary Hatch-Maillette, PhD

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Re-thinking patient stability for methadone in opioid treatment programs during a global pandemic: Provider perspectives.
(2021 May)
J Subst Abuse Treat 124(): 108223
Hatch-Maillette MA, Peavy KM, Tsui JI, Banta-Green CJ, Woolworth S, Grekin P

Dosage of booster phone calls following an SBIRT intervention in the emergency department for reducing substance use.
(2020 Sep)
J Subst Abuse Treat 116(): 108043
Hatch-Maillette MA, Donovan DM, Laschober TC

Substance Use and Mental Health in Emerging Adult Vs Older Adult Men and Women With Opioid Use Disorder.
(2020 Nov)
Am J Addict 29(6): 536-542
Barbosa-Leiker C, Campbell ANC, Pavlicova M, Scodes J, Burlew AK, Hatch-Maillette M, Mennenga SE, Mitchell SG, Novo P, Nunes EV, Rotrosen J, Greenfield SF

One size does not fit all: A NIDA CTN inspired model for community engaged cultural adaptation.
(2020 Mar)
J Subst Abuse Treat 112S(): 28-33
Burlew AK, McCuistian C, Lanaway D, Hatch-Maillette M, Shambley-Ebron D

The "Women and Trauma" study and its national impact on advancing trauma specific approaches in community substance use treatment and research.
(2020 Mar)
J Subst Abuse Treat 112S(): 12-17
Hien D, Kropp F, Wells EA, Campbell A, Hatch-Maillette M, Hodgkins C, Killeen T, Lopez-Castro T, Morgan-Lopez A, Ruglass LM, Saavedra L, Nunes EV

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