Mark Stein, PhD, ABPP

Personal Statement

I am clinical psychologist and a Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, and a clinical researcher specializing in ADHD throughout the lifespan. I direct the PEARL Clinic (Program to enhance ​attention, regulation, and learning) at Seattle Children’s. The PEARL Clinic is based on a multidisciplinary and collaborative care model which works closely with PCP’s who refer families to PEARL for evaluation and access to  our behavioral group treatment programs and treatment recommendations.   The PEARL clinic also provided multidisciplinary training for psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, family medicine physicians, and medical students. The majority of my clinical work involves  diagnostic evaluations and consultations  for the parents, referring physician, and schools. My research emphasis is on personalizing ADHD treatment, and determining how best to combine and sequence interventions throughout the lifespan for  individuals with ADHD.    I have  assisted in the development of several stimulant  and non stimulant medications, and participated in many clinical trials. Currently, we are   conducting a study  for parents with ADHD who have young children with ADHD symptoms where we are treating the parent with medication  and  behavioral parent training or behavior parent training. I am also investigating the relationship between genetic factors and ADHD treatment response. Other areas of interest include sleep problems and overlap with ADHD,  and novel treatments such as Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (TNS) and augmentation strategies such as mindfulness and physical exercise or activity level.


Medical school: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Fellowship: MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, Chicago

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

PEARL Clinic, Director – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Training Clinic


Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development


Brotman Baty Institute

Recent Publications

Flutamide With or Without PROSTVAC in Non-metastatic Castration Resistant (M0) Prostate Cancer.
(2023 May 3)
Madan RA, Bilusic M, Stein MN, Donahue RN, Arlen PM, Karzai F, Plimack E, Wong YN, Geynisman DM, Zibelman M, Mayer T, Strauss J, Chen G, Rauckhorst M, McMahon S, Couvillon A, Steinberg S, Figg WD, Dahut WL, Schlom J, Gulley JL

Parent Behavior Management Training for Child ADHD Enhanced to Address Health Behaviors: Comparison of Telemedicine "Telegroup" Versus In-Person Delivery.
(2023 Apr 18)
J Atten Disord
Gonzalez ES, Tran N, Wholly D, Kuhn M, Stein MA, Mendoza J, Ola C, Sasser T, Tandon PS

A phase I trial of riluzole and sorafenib in patients with advanced solid tumors: CTEP #8850.
(2023 Apr 10)
Oncotarget 14(): 302-315
Spencer KR, Portal DE, Aisner J, Stein MN, Malhotra J, Shih W, Chan N, Silk AW, Ganesan S, Goodin S, Gounder M, Lin H, Li J, Cerchio R, Marinaro C, Chen S, Mehnert JM

Phase II study of nivolumab and salvage nivolumab/ipilimumab in treatment-naïve patients with advanced non-clear cell renal cell carcinoma (HCRN GU16-260-Cohort B).
(2023 Mar)
J Immunother Cancer 11(3):
Atkins MB, Jegede OA, Haas NB, McDermott DF, Bilen MA, Stein M, Sosman JA, Alter R, Plimack ER, Ornstein MC, Hurwitz M, Peace DJ, Signoretti S, Denize T, Cimadamore A, Wu CJ, Braun D, Einstein D, Catalano PJ, Hammers H

Concurrent durvalumab and radiation therapy (DUART) followed by adjuvant durvalumab in patients with localized urothelial cancer of bladder: results from phase II study, BTCRC-GU15-023.
(2023 Feb)
J Immunother Cancer 11(2):
Joshi M, Tuanquin L, Zhu J, Walter V, Schell T, Kaag M, Kilari D, Liao J, Holder SL, Emamekhoo H, Sankin A, Merrill S, Zheng H, Warrick J, Hauke R, Gartrel B, Stein M, Drabick J, Degraff DJ, Zakharia Y

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