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Mark Engstrom, PhD

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Chromosomal-level reference genome assembly of the North American wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus): a resource for conservation genomics.
(2022 Jul 29)
G3 (Bethesda) 12(8):
Lok S, Lau TNH, Trost B, Tong AHY, Wintle RF, Engstrom MD, Stacy E, Waits LP, Scrafford M, Scherer SW

Effect of vitamin D source and dietary cation-anion difference in peripartum dairy cows on calcium homeostasis and milk production.
(2022 Jan)
Transl Anim Sci 6(1): txac010
Beck MR, Zapalac D, Chapman JD, Zanzalari KP, Holub GA, Bascom SS, Engstrom MA, Reuter RR, Foote AP

Does evolution of echolocation calls and morphology in Molossus result from convergence or stasis?
PLoS One 15(9): e0238261
Loureiro LO, Engstrom MD, Lim BK

Next generation sequencing data in the phylogenetic relationships of the genus Molossus (Chiroptera, Molossidae).
(2020 Apr)
Data Brief 29(): 105276
Loureiro LO, Engstrom MD, Lim BK

Comparative phylogeography of mainland and insular species of Neotropical molossid bats (Molossus).
(2020 Jan)
Ecol Evol 10(1): 389-409
Loureiro LO, Engstrom MD, Lim BK

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