Marcella Pascualy, MD

Recent Publications

Common psychiatric problems in cognitively impaired older patients: causes and management.
(2014 Aug)
Clin Geriatr Med 30(3): 443-67
Wang LY, Borisovskaya A, Maxwell AL, Pascualy M

Cognitive and neuropsychiatric impairments in Alzheimer's disease: current treatment strategies.
(2014 Sep)
Curr Psychiatry Rep 16(9): 470
Borisovskaya A, Pascualy M, Borson S

Electroconvulsive therapy for frontotemporal dementia with comorbid major depressive disorder.
(2014 Dec)
J ECT 30(4): e45-6
Borisovskaya A, Augsburger J, Pascualy M

Propranolol for disruptive behaviors in nursing home residents with probable or possible Alzheimer disease: a placebo-controlled study.
(2005 Jan-Mar)
Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord 19(1): 23-8
Peskind ER, Tsuang DW, Bonner LT, Pascualy M, Riekse RG, Snowden MB, Thomas R, Raskind MA

Identifying undiagnosed dementia in residential care veterans: comparing telemedicine to in-person clinical examination.
(2004 Feb)
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 19(2): 101-8
Shores MM, Ryan-Dykes P, Williams RM, Mamerto B, Sadak T, Pascualy M, Felker BL, Zweigle M, Nichol P, Peskind ER

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