Lorin Boynton, MD

Personal Statement

My primary interests are Nutrition and Lifestyle Psychiatry, Cultural Psychiatry and the interface of Religion and Spirituality with Psychiatry. I love guiding patients to achieve healing using a domains of health approach- addressing Nutrition, Sleep, Relaxation, Movement and Connectedness/ Purpose.


University of Cape Town Medical education, 1991
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Internship, Psychiatry
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry
St. Pancras Hospital Residency
North Middlesex Hospital Residency
Kingston Eye Unit Residency
Johannesburg General Hospital Internship
Hemel Hemstead Hospital Residency
Barnet General Hospital Residency

Recent Publications

The indirect effect of somatic complaints on report of posttraumatic psychological symptomatology among Somali refugees.
(2011 Aug)
J Trauma Stress 24(4): 479-82
Bentley JA, Thoburn JW, Stewart DG, Boynton LD

Introducing spirituality, religion and culture curricula in the psychiatry residency programme.
(2010 Jun)
Med Humanit 36(1): 48-51
Kozak L, Boynton L, Bentley J, Bezy E

The role of stigma and state in the mental health of Somalis.
(2010 Jul)
J Psychiatr Pract 16(4): 265-8
Boynton L, Bentley J, Jackson JC, Gibbs TA

Images in psychiatry. Hargeisa Group Hospital psychiatric ward.
(2010 Jul)
Am J Psychiatry 167(7): 762
Boynton L, Bentley J, Hussein N, Jackson JC

Preliminary findings concerning the use of prazosin for the treatment of posttraumatic nightmares in a refugee population.
(2009 Nov)
J Psychiatr Pract 15(6): 454-9
Boynton L, Bentley J, Strachan E, Barbato A, Raskind M

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