Laurel Pellegrino, MD

Personal Statement

I am a psychiatrist at UWMC-Roosevelt and a UW assistant professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Considerations for Program Directors in the 2020-2021 Remote Resident Recruitment.
(2020 Dec)
Acad Psychiatry 44(6): 664-668
Soeprono TM, Pellegrino LD, Murray SB, Ratzliff A

Supplementing Psychiatry Resident Training with a Tiered Psychotherapy Pathway.
(2020 Oct 23)
Acad Psychiatry
Pellegrino LD, Chang SK, Alexander C, McCann BS

Service Dogs in the Hospital: Helpful or Harmful? A Case Report and Clinical Recommendations.
(2016 May-Jun)
Psychosomatics 57(3): 301-4
Pellegrino LD, Cerimele JM, Dubovsky AN

Depression in cognitive impairment.
(2013 Sep)
Curr Psychiatry Rep 15(9): 384
Pellegrino LD, Peters ME, Lyketsos CG, Marano CM

In Six-month-old Infants, Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Anxiety is Associated with Less Developed Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements: An Initial Study.
Int Neuropsychiatr Dis J 1(1): 89-103
Pellegrino L, Ross RG, Hunter SK

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