Kristine McKenna, PhD

My clinical and research interests are strongly anchored in efforts to improve the quality of life and coping of children and adolescents with chronic illness. As a pediatric psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, I provide assessment and intervention services to patients within the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Program. My role involves assisting with issues such as adherence to medical regimens, teaching long-term stress reduction strategies to families, and empowering adolescents as they move toward adulthood and assume greater responsibility for their care. I am currently involved in QI projects including screening for psychological coping and risk factors as well as to help prepare our patients for transition to adult transplant programs.


Pediatric Psychology Fellowship, Columbus Children’s Hospital (now Nationwide Children’s Hospital), 2006-2007
Psychology Internship, Columbus Children’s Hospital (now Nationwide Children’s Hospital) , 2005-2006
PhD, Human Services Psychology (Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine), University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2001-2006
MSc, Health Psychology, University of Bath (England), 1999-2000
BA, Biopsychology, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1995-1999

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Equity factors in pediatric transplant listing: Initial findings from a single center review.
(2023 Mar)
Pediatr Transplant 27(2): e14467
Freiberger D, Kimball B, Traum AZ, Berbert L, O'Melia L, Daly KP, Kim HB, McKenna KD

A systematic review of social determinants of health in pediatric organ transplant outcomes.
(2023 Feb)
Pediatr Transplant 27(1): e14418
Rea KE, West KB, Dorste A, Christofferson ES, Lefkowitz D, Mudd E, Schneider L, Smith C, Triplett KN, McKenna K

Putting the Good in Goodbye: The Pediatrician's Role in Framing a Positive Transition to Adult Care.
(2022 Oct)
Clin Pediatr (Phila) 61(10): 669-673
Fishman LN, Shanske S, McKenna KD

Psychotropic medication use trends in a large pediatric and young adult solid organ transplant population.
(2019 May)
Pediatr Transplant 23(3): e13380
Samsel C, Tapsak S, Thomson K, McKenna K, McGregor K, Forbes P, Ibeziako P

Behavioral health care in solid organ transplantation in a pediatric setting.
(2018 Aug)
Pediatr Transplant 22(5): e13217
Thomson K, McKenna K, Bedard-Thomas K, Oliva M, Ibeziako P

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