Kristine McKenna, PhD

Recent Publications

Equity factors in pediatric transplant listing: Initial findings from a single center review.
(2023 Jan 5)
Pediatr Transplant
Freiberger D, Kimball B, Traum AZ, Berbert L, O'Melia L, Daly KP, Kim HB, McKenna KD

A systematic review of social determinants of health in pediatric organ transplant outcomes.
(2023 Feb)
Pediatr Transplant 27(1): e14418
Rea KE, West KB, Dorste A, Christofferson ES, Lefkowitz D, Mudd E, Schneider L, Smith C, Triplett KN, McKenna K

Putting the Good in Goodbye: The Pediatrician's Role in Framing a Positive Transition to Adult Care.
(2022 Oct)
Clin Pediatr (Phila) 61(10): 669-673
Fishman LN, Shanske S, McKenna KD

Psychotropic medication use trends in a large pediatric and young adult solid organ transplant population.
(2019 May)
Pediatr Transplant 23(3): e13380
Samsel C, Tapsak S, Thomson K, McKenna K, McGregor K, Forbes P, Ibeziako P

Behavioral health care in solid organ transplantation in a pediatric setting.
(2018 Aug)
Pediatr Transplant 22(5): e13217
Thomson K, McKenna K, Bedard-Thomas K, Oliva M, Ibeziako P

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