Kendall Browne, PhD

Recent Publications

Comparison of Medical Cannabis Use Reported on a Confidential Survey vs Documented in the Electronic Health Record Among Primary Care Patients.
(2022 May 2)
JAMA Netw Open 5(5): e2211677
Lapham GT, Matson TE, Carrell DS, Bobb JF, Luce C, Oliver MM, Ghitza UE, Hsu C, Browne KC, Binswanger IA, Campbell CI, Saxon AJ, Vandrey R, Schauer GL, Pacula RL, Horberg MA, Bailey SR, McClure EA, Bradley KA

Clinical documentation of patient-reported medical cannabis use in primary care: Toward scalable extraction using natural language processing methods.
Subst Abus 43(1): 917-924
Carrell DS, Cronkite DJ, Shea M, Oliver M, Luce C, Matson TE, Bobb JF, Hsu C, Binswanger IA, Browne KC, Saxon AJ, McCormack J, Jelstrom E, Ghitza UE, Campbell CI, Bradley KA, Lapham GT

A clinical trial comparing trauma-informed guilt reduction therapy (TrIGR), a brief intervention for trauma-related guilt, to supportive care therapy.
(2022 Apr)
Depress Anxiety 39(4): 262-273
Norman SB, Capone C, Panza KE, Haller M, Davis BC, Schnurr PP, Shea MT, Browne K, Norman GJ, Lang AJ, Kline AC, Golshan S, Allard CB, Angkaw A

Efficacy and acceptability of interventions for co-occurring PTSD and SUD: A meta-analysis.
(2021 Dec)
J Anxiety Disord 84(): 102490
Simpson TL, Goldberg SB, Louden DKN, Blakey SM, Hawn SE, Lott A, Browne KC, Lehavot K, Kaysen D

Prevalence of medical and nonmedical cannabis use among veterans in primary care.
(2022 Mar)
Psychol Addict Behav 36(2): 121-130
Browne K, Leyva Y, Malte CA, Lapham GT, Tiet QQ

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