Katherine Glass, MD

Recent Publications

Survey of Anti-Pathogen Antibody Levels in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
(2022 Jun 13)
Proteomes 10(2):
O'Neal AJ, Glass KA, Emig CJ, Vitug AA, Henry SJ, Shungu DC, Mao X, Levine SM, Hanson MR

Optimization of Meniscus Cell Transduction Using Lentivirus and Adeno-Associated Virus for Gene Editing and Tissue Engineering Applications.
(2021 Dec)
Cartilage 13(2_suppl): 1602S-1607S
Arrigoni P, Ruprecht JC, Chasse DAD, Glass KA, Andress B, Guilak F, Weinberg JB, McNulty AL

Meniscus-Derived Matrix Scaffolds Promote the Integrative Repair of Meniscal Defects.
(2019 Jun 18)
Sci Rep 9(1): 8719
Ruprecht JC, Waanders TD, Rowland CR, Nishimuta JF, Glass KA, Stencel J, DeFrate LE, Guilak F, Weinberg JB, McNulty AL

Effective Implementation of Culturally Appropriate Tools in Addressing Overweight and Obesity in an Urban Underserved Early Childhood Population in Pediatric Primary Care.
(2019 May)
Clin Pediatr (Phila) 58(5): 511-520
Herbst RB, Khalsa AS, Schlottmann H, Kerrey MK, Glass K, Burkhardt MC

Regulation of decellularized tissue remodeling via scaffold-mediated lentiviral delivery in anatomically-shaped osteochondral constructs.
(2018 Sep)
Biomaterials 177(): 161-175
Rowland CR, Glass KA, Ettyreddy AR, Gloss CC, Matthews JRL, Huynh NPT, Guilak F

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