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Joy Kawamura, PhD

My primary clinical and research interests are in the identification of psychosocial risk factors that predict trajectories of psychosocial adjustment among medically ill youth and their families, and the implementation of evidence-based intervention to address these factors. As a pediatric psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, I provide assessment and intervention services to children with co-occurring medical illnesses through the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. I am currently conducting a QI project that aims to increase equitable access to psychosocial services for youth with inflammatory bowel disease through the implementation of a routine screening program that stratifies families by level of psychosocial risk.


Pediatric Psychology , Stanford University School of Medicine , 2016-2017
Clinical Psychology Internship , University of California, Los Angeles , 2015-2016
Ph.D. , Clinical Psychology , University of Washington , 2010-2016
MS , Psychology , University of Washington , 2010-2012
B.S. , Psychology , University of Washington , 2006-2010

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Embedded Specialty Mental Health
Psychology Training Program – Postdoc and Practicum

Recent Publications

Stress and psychological adjustment in caregivers of children with cancer.
(2021 May)
Health Psychol 40(5): 295-304
Gurtovenko K, Fladeboe KM, Galtieri LR, King K, Friedman D, Compas B, Breiger D, Lengua L, Keim M, Kawamura J, Katz LF

Primary and secondary caregiver depressive symptoms and family functioning following a pediatric cancer diagnosis: an exploration of the buffering hypothesis.
(2021 Jun)
Psychooncology 30(6): 928-935
Keim MC, Fladeboe K, Galtieri LR, Kawamura J, King K, Friedman D, Compas B, Breiger D, Lengua L, Katz LF

Abdominal Pain After Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Diagnosis: Results From the ImproveCareNow Network.
(2020 Dec)
J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 71(6): 749-754
Murphy LK, Suskind DL, Qu P, Zhou C, Gashi K, Kawamura JS, Palermo TM, ImproveCareNow Pediatric IBD Learning Health System, as stipulated by ICN

Systematic Review: Psychosocial Correlates of Pain in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
(2021 Apr 15)
Inflamm Bowel Dis 27(5): 697-710
Murphy LK, de la Vega R, Kohut SA, Kawamura JS, Levy RL, Palermo TM

An emotion coaching parenting intervention for families exposed to intimate partner violence.
(2020 Mar)
Dev Psychol 56(3): 638-651
Katz LF, Gurtovenko K, Maliken A, Stettler N, Kawamura J, Fladeboe K

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