Jennifer Piel, MD, JD

Personal Statement

I am Board Certified in both general psychiatry as well as forensic psychiatry. I am a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the Ethics and Resident Education Committees of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL). I have twice earned the prestigious Young Investigator Award from AAPL. Since 2014, I have served as the AAPL Young Physician Delegate to the American Medical Association.
I have also served as an expert witness or consultant in legal cases involving criminal and civil competencies; criminal responsibility; malpractice; personal injury; sexual and gender harassment; and fitness for duty, among others. I teach courses in forensic mental health at the University of Washington and speak locally and nationally on topics related to psychiatry and the law.

Recent Publications

Letter to the Editor-Behavioral Health Implications of Inmate Release During COVID-19.
(2020 Jul)
J Forensic Sci 65(4): 1379-1381
Piel J

Letter to the Editor-Is Chronic Methamphetamine-Induced Psychosis A Mental Disease for the Purposes of Insanity?
(2020 Jul)
J Forensic Sci 65(4): 1382-1383
Reisner AD, Piel JL

Term-of-Years Sentences Since <i>Miller v. Alabama</i>.
(2020 Mar)
J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 48(1): 98-104
Piel JL

A Review of Forensic Fellowship Training: Similar Challenges, Diverse Approaches.
(2020 Apr)
Acad Psychiatry 44(2): 149-154
Michaelsen K, Piel J, Kopelovich S, Reynolds S, Cowley D

Creating a State-Academic Partnership to Advance a Forensic Teaching Service: Benefits and Barriers.
(2019 Nov)
J Forensic Sci 64(6): 1743-1749
Piel JL, Kopelovich SL, Michaelsen K, Reynolds SE, Cowley DS

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