Jennifer Gerdts, PhD

Personal Statement

My primary research and clinical interests are in the diagnosis and etiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I am an attending psychologist at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center where I conduct diagnostic evaluations for ASD and supervise practicum students in this regard. I am investigating various methods for diagnosis in an effort to streamline the process and decrease wait times for an initial diagnostic evaluation for ASD. I am also interested in understanding more about the genetic landscape of ASD in order to create meaningful subtypes of the disorder, with a hope of individualizing treatments for people with ASD in the future.  I have been closely involved with Raphael Bernier, PhD in his research examining genetic contributions and biomarkers of ASD. Lastly, I have been particularly interested in ASD-related traits that can present in family members of individuals with ASD.


Autism Spectrum Disorder , University of Washington , 2012-2013
Psychology Internship , UCLA , 2011-2012
Ph.D. , Child Clinical Psychology , University of Washington, Seattle , 2005-2012
B.A. , Psychology , Colby College , 1999-2003

Training Programs

Recent Publications

"I want to really crack this nut": an analysis of parent-perceived policy needs surrounding food allergy.
(2020 Aug 1)
BMC Public Health 20(1): 1194
Abrams EM, Simons E, Gerdts J, Nazarko O, Povolo B, Protudjer JLP

Late fMRI Response Components Are Altered in Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Front Hum Neurosci 14(): 241
Murray SO, Kolodny T, Schallmo MP, Gerdts J, Bernier RA

Weaker neural suppression in autism.
(2020 May 29)
Nat Commun 11(1): 2675
Schallmo MP, Kolodny T, Kale AM, Millin R, Flevaris AV, Edden RAE, Gerdts J, Bernier RA, Murray SO

Milk allergy most burdensome in multi-food allergic children.
(2020 May 15)
Pediatr Allergy Immunol
Abrams EM, Kim H, Gerdts J, Protudjer JLP

Anaphylaxis as a presenting symptom of food allergy in children with no known food allergy.
(2020 Apr 26)
J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract
Ratnarajah K, Clarke AE, McCusker C, Gabrielli S, Morris J, Gravel J, Bretholz A, Lim R, Chan ES, Goldman RD, O-Keefe A, Gerdts J, Chu D, Upton J, Ben-Shoshan M

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