Jennifer Gerdts, PhD

Personal Statement

My primary research and clinical interests are in the diagnosis and etiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I am an attending psychologist at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center where I conduct diagnostic evaluations for ASD and supervise practicum students in this regard. I am investigating various methods for diagnosis in an effort to streamline the process and decrease wait times for an initial diagnostic evaluation for ASD. I am also interested in understanding more about the genetic landscape of ASD in order to create meaningful subtypes of the disorder, with a hope of individualizing treatments for people with ASD in the future.  I have been closely involved with Raphael Bernier, PhD in his research examining genetic contributions and biomarkers of ASD. Lastly, I have been particularly interested in ASD-related traits that can present in family members of individuals with ASD.


Autism Spectrum Disorder , University of Washington , 2012-2013
Psychology Internship , UCLA , 2011-2012
Ph.D. , Child Clinical Psychology , University of Washington, Seattle , 2005-2012
B.A. , Psychology , Colby College , 1999-2003

Training Programs

Recent Publications

Weaker neural suppression in autism.
(2020 May 29)
Nat Commun 11(1): 2675
Schallmo MP, Kolodny T, Kale AM, Millin R, Flevaris AV, Edden RAE, Gerdts J, Bernier RA, Murray SO

Milk allergy most burdensome in multi-food allergic children.
(2020 May 15)
Pediatr Allergy Immunol
Abrams EM, Kim H, Gerdts J, Protudjer JLP

Anaphylaxis as a presenting symptom of food allergy in children with no known food allergy.
(2020 Apr 26)
J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract
Ratnarajah K, Clarke AE, McCusker C, Gabrielli S, Morris J, Gravel J, Bretholz A, Lim R, Chan ES, Goldman RD, O-Keefe A, Gerdts J, Chu D, Upton J, Ben-Shoshan M

Phenotype consensus is required to enable large-scale genetic consortium studies of food allergy.
(2020 Apr 23)
Asai Y, Martino D, Eiwegger T, Nadeau K, Koppelman GH, Clarke AE, Lee YA, Chan ES, Simons E, Laprise C, Mazer B, Marenholz I, Royce D, Elliott SJ, Hampson C, Gerdts J, Eslami A, Soller L, Hui J, Azad M, Sandford A, Daley D

Concentrations of Cortical GABA and Glutamate in Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
(2020 Apr 16)
Autism Res
Kolodny T, Schallmo MP, Gerdts J, Edden RAE, Bernier RA, Murray SO

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