Jennifer Cadigan, PhD

Personal Statement

My program of research explores adolescent and young adult health behaviors, with an emphasis on the etiology, prevention, and intervention of high-risk substance use. This research program integrates evidence-based intervention strategies, and the use of technology, to address high-risk substance use during this developmental period. My work also examines the association between co-occurring mood and substance use disorders. I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Washington.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Physical and mental health issues facing community college students.
(2020 Jun 22)
J Am Coll Health
Cadigan JM, Duckworth JC, Lee CM

A Daily Study Comparing Alcohol-Related Positive and Negative Consequences for Days With Only Alcohol Use Versus Days With Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use in a Community Sample of Young Adults.
(2020 Mar)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 44(3): 689-696
Lee CM, Patrick ME, Fleming CB, Cadigan JM, Abdallah DA, Fairlie AM, Larimer ME

Behavioral economic demand for alcohol among young adults who engage in simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use.
Subst Abus 41(2): 203-207
Ramirez JJ, Cadigan JM, Lee CM

Does it work and does it last? Effects of social and drinking behavior on same- and next-day mood.
(2020 Jan)
Addict Behav 100(): 106111
Cronce JM, Zimmerman L, Rhew IC, Cadigan JM, Atkins DC, Lee CM

Daily Motives for Alcohol and Marijuana Use as Predictors of Simultaneous Use Among Young Adults.
(2019 Jul)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 80(4): 454-461
Patrick ME, Fairlie AM, Cadigan JM, Abdallah DA, Larimer ME, Lee CM

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