Jennifer Cadigan, PhD

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My program of research explores adolescent and young adult health behaviors, with an emphasis on the etiology, prevention, and intervention of high-risk substance use and co-occurring mental health symptoms. My work has predominantly focused on developing and testing prevention and intervention programs for high-risk alcohol and marijuana use and co-occurring mental health symptoms. This research program integrates evidence-based intervention strategies to reduce high-risk substance use and improve mood and coping strategies. I am also a licensed psychologist with a focus on delivering empirically-supported treatments for substance use disorders, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders.

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Recent Publications

Examining daily associations between mental health symptoms and simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use and consequences among young adults.
(2021 Nov 4)
Psychol Addict Behav
Patrick ME, Ramirez JJ, Cadigan JM, Graupensperger S, Walukevich-Dienst K, Rhew IC, Rinehart L, Lee CM

Young adult birthday celebrations as windows of risk for alcohol and cannabis use: 21st birthdays compared to other young adult birthdays.
(2021 Aug 19)
Psychol Addict Behav
Gilson MS, Cadigan JM, Fleming CB, Fairlie AM, Lewis MA, Lee CM

Multifaceted COVID-19-Related Stressors and Associations with Indices of Mental Health, Well-being, and Substance Use Among Young Adults.
(2021 Aug 4)
Int J Ment Health Addict
Graupensperger S, Cadigan JM, Einberger C, Lee CM

Negative evaluation of role transitions is associated with perceived stress and alcohol consequences: Examination of the Transitions Overload Model in young adulthood using two years of monthly data.
(2021 Aug)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 45(8): 1607-1615
Cadigan JM, Fleming CB, Patrick ME, Lewis MA, Rhew IC, Abdallah DA, Fairlie AM, Schulenberg JE, Larimer ME, Lee CM

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for Community College Students (BASICCS): Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of web-conferencing BASICCS and supporting automated text messages.
(2021 Nov)
Psychol Addict Behav 35(7): 840-851
Lee CM, Cadigan JM, Kilmer JR, Cronce JM, Suffoletto B, Walter T, Fleming CB, Lewis MA

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